Comments for Op-Ed: More Character and Movie Inclusion at Disney World is a Good Thing

Jack Sparrow & Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney


  1. Thomas

    I know that the Villains get centre-stage during the Halloween period, but I’d love to see somewhere like a Rogues Gallery or something where you can meet the Villains. I know that sometimes the Villains can be scary for kids, but it’d be awesome to be able to meet them throughout the year and not just in October, I’ve always been a fan of the Villains (Ursula and Cruella my favourites) and would have loved to have been able to meet them when I was there in late Spring/Early Summer.

  2. Clare

    Can you please amend “England” to “United Kingdom” please? There are more countries than England in U.K. Thanks.

  3. Bryan Larson

    This article fails to address the -actual- concern that people (myself included) have with the infusion of fictional characters into the other lands.

    That wasn’t the -point- of those other parks originally. Epcot was intended to be the park about the REAL world, not the fictional one. It’s very clear that the new direction Epcot is taking is for it to just be ‘another’ Disney park. Exactly the same way that DCA was intended to be a park about California–and now is just the franchise park (Pixar and Marvel).

    You can choose to like the new directions if you wish. But in writing an op-ed that completely fails to even mention that it IS a directional shift, you’re ignoring the point of the complaints many people have. It makes this op-ed completely worthless, IMO. At best a shill for Disney (perhaps because you’ve been paid by Disney to make this?) and at worst an example of the common pandering by Disney blogs to only say great things about Disney because of fear of being locked out if you say anything even remotely negative.

    This op-ed diminishes my opinion of the entire InsideTheMagic website. Perhaps you ought to give a voice and op-ed for someone who DISAGREES with the changes.

    But I won’t hold my breath waiting to see one.

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