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  1. Harley

    Sequels are a toss up honestly! Sometimes they enhance the orginal wo screwing w it and some are not needed hence why back in the day they were direct to video crap.
    I think moana was an amazing movie that shouldnt be touched had a great ending and thats it!
    If they could promise me and all the pua fans out there that there be more pua less stupid chicken might be open to it if not then no! (yes thats a statement and truth to many its obvious by how often pua is sold out as a toy and you could always find that chicken if you watch bonus features pua was supose to be w her. No offense to hei hei but pua does get more love).

  2. Kathy

    I loved Moana. I would love to see a sequel.

  3. Darth Welcome

    How true! Like that sequel to Star Wars completely ruined the entire franchise. Maybe if there had been more Pau in it, kids wouldn’t hate Star Wars as much.

  4. Mickey

    Moana was a good movie. I would be interested in a sequel to see what happens. A lot of movies now, both Disney and non Disney), leave the endings open ended for a part 2. Sometimes that’s annoying because your waiting a year plus to see what happens. And I agree, that some movies should never had a sequel. I happen to like some of the more recent sequels to Star Wars, and no, I’m not a kid. From what I can see and from what I hear, Star Wars is liked by kids. It can be scary for some very young children however.

    1. Mark

      But i agree w harley not you bc moana ended! So it shouldnt get a sequel! Where as a frozen was open.

      1. Mickey

        Endings to movies are subjective. What one person considers to be an ending; another person considers open ended. It’s not one way said and done.

        Calm down and breathe instead of getting angry. That’s the problem with these news/can websites. Too many people are angry and yelling or picking on people whose viewpoints and opinions are different than theirs. I never said that you had to agree with me; I!’m allowed my opinions however.

  5. Suzy Ince

    Moana was the last original movie to come out of Disney and that was 2016. Before I get corrected about 2017’s Coco which was Pixar driven, I’m talking Disney. Not counting sequels or the live action remakes. What’s happening to Disney? The originators of the imagineers? Have they all quit? I want original content, original stories, original places. I know I’m not alone.

  6. Dawn Shiron

    I LOVED Moana!! I’m a beach person and was thrilled that they finally made a beach movie and the animated scenery was beautiful! The characters in storyline were great so I would love to see a sequel!

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