Comments for Disney raises price of Minnie Mouse ear headbands

minnie mouse ears disneyland

Credit: Bailee Abell / ITM


  1. Dolores

    As much as I love Disney it is getting to be a Rich Mans Club. Bob Iger pls take notice

  2. Kathleen Johnson

    I’m drawing the line on buying ears. This increase is gouging the faithful Disney fans. They should be happy that the rose gold phenomenon gave them a new place to make a huge profit. I am Disney Through and through, but I have a brain and recognize when things have gone too far on too many things. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.

  3. Faith

    It is just so sad that they have become so MONEY HUNGRY!!!!! Walt is turning over in his grave!!!! I myself will be giving up my Disney pass because it is just way too expensive to maintain one now. ???????

  4. Nicole

    Disney is pricing people out of going. Even as a DVC member, I can’t see being able to afford many trips in the future.

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