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  1. To be honest, this may be a flop. I mean, it does not look fun for a movie, and it reminds me of a subpar remake of The African Queen. Except, this is like if African Queen was made by Stephen Sommers for his Mummy franchise. There’s something about this that also screams “Indiana Jones 4,” because of its lackluster CGI-heavy scenes. Right now, I’m not interested.

    As for the jab at The Haunted Mansion film – That film wasn’t bad, but Eddie Murphy was a miscast. Everyone else, including Terrence Stamp, did a good job. The story probably could’ve been better, but it wasn’t terrible.

    1. Harley

      This will bomb just like hm bc it shouldnt be done!
      Pirates while beloved had a story that could be played w dedicated hm cant there are many like me that thinks it should be a horror movie and thats it! Del toro should do it and thats that!
      Jungle cruise was based off the classic african queen movie starring bogart.
      From there due to its improv nature it became attached through stories to adventures club.
      I worked there as a cm i also got sick there no one wants to know whats in the water!!
      Jungle cruise is known for the jokes and i do not think the rock or emily blunt have it in them to deliver them and on top of that they are def neither of the 2 people in a million yrs i see in this… if the jokes arent in it it will be dead in the water as well!
      My 2 cents!

  2. Michael Mango

    No original ideas…Sad.

    1. Harley

      I think it be a really great original thought if any of these stuck to their origins which none of them did!
      Ie. HM should be nothing less then a horror movie those ghosts died horrible deaths theres a hanging in the stretch room for crying out loud and constance axes people!
      Some genius thought oh eddie murphy dumb comedy and G rating fit… hope they were fired! The reason why the first pirate movie succeeded was it stood on the story the rest fell flat bc they didnt.
      So it could if they played cards right but knowing only the 1st pirates movie truly worked out of all the rest they tried… good luck!

  3. Melanie Durham

    I don’t care….if the rock is in any movie, I’m there! Good or bad! The rock and Emily blunt WILL do the jokes justice if they make this a little bit of a comedy! Jungle Cruise is a classic ride, but let’s get real, it’s kind of corny! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love riding it and I love getting a laugh out of the jokes! And before you all judge me….yes, I am a die hard Disney nut!!!!

    1. Harley

      No judge i got for being fired bc i got sick working on the cruise… beware of the water! My fav joke is the fav plants bc it would always throw people off! Or always making fun of my other friends at the end “if you didnt like this cruise”… best was when my bestie may he rip came over and was like please stop using me as a jk i have people yelling my name at the castle during a show! Lol!
      I didnt mean to say it wont be a good movie its just i am tired of disney thinking this is smart idea N bc of that i hope it bombs!
      Melanie i think your a huge fan of disney no denying it! Theres more people out there w their judgement and hate vs you just voiced your opinion thats a fan.

  4. Mark

    Please all of and we are a huge group of park fans whom are only park fans stop stealing our rides bc you feel like! Thank you! And now the true back side of water it still looks alot like the front side dont it! ?
    Thats the joke right harley?
    Btw sorry again you got fired for being sick thats just sad!
    And melanie i always appreciate reading your comments!

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