Comments for Jennifer Aniston blames Marvel for lack of quality film roles for actors

Jennifer Aniston and Avengers: Endgame

Source: Variety/Marvel Studios


  1. lorenzo

    Hate to say this…could not agree more.

    I also shudder to think of a whole generation of males raised by comic book movies.

    Talk about not being able to face reality and true emotions. And please don;t say that comic movies do this while grown adults are in Halloween costumes.

  2. Dianne Ellison

    I think that there should be a variety of movie genres out there. I really enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and I saw a couple of the first Mavel Universe movies but it is not my preferred genre. Also, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankestein are NOT RomComs.

  3. Julio Hernandez

    Whiny Hollywood snowflake.

    Moviegoers overwhelmingly vote via ticket sales these are the movies they currently prefer.

    That’s hiw it works in a fir profit movie studio.

    Jennifer is more than able to star or fund indie films if she’s so committed. But she isn’t, she’s just bitter at her lack of relevance and trying to virtue signal her cinema auteur chops.

    As if she was ever considered a serious actress rather than actually anything more than someone who hit the jackpot in a very commercially successful bubble gum TV series.

    She’s decrying basically the same type of commercial success that made her a name. Ridiculously ironic.

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