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HM Merch

Credit: BoxLunch/Disney

One of Disney’s most iconic, and loved, attractions — The Haunted Mansion. And this year, Disneyland is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! Can you believe it?

50 years of hitchhiking ghosts, grim grinning ghosts, and of course, The Hatbox Ghost. And what better way to celebrate everything we know and love about the classic attraction than with new Haunted Mansion merchandise from BoxLunch?

If you are a die-hard fan, then head on over to BoxLunch and show your love with this Haunted Mansion merchandise.

Groundskeeper Funko Pop!

If you are a fan of Haunted Mansion then you will recognize this Funko Pop! of the mansion groundskeeper, complete with the lantern in one hand and his shovel in the other.

Haunted Mansion Funko Pop
Credit: BoxLunch

Haunted Mansion Shirts

There are quite a few Haunted Mansion inspired t-shirts to choose from. First up, if you are a fan of Madame Leota, you’ll recognize this famous saying planted on this piece of Haunted Mansion merchandise.

HM T shirt
Credit: BoxLunch

Another fan favorite – The Black Widow Bride. If you are a heart breaker, you’ll have to grab this piece of Haunted Mansion merchandise for your closet.

Bride HM T shirt
Credit: BoxLunch

As a play on the “Fab Five”, check out the “Phantom Five”. This t-shirt was made for all the grim grinning ghosts out there who want to show off their love for this classic attraction.

Phantom Five T Shirt
Credit: BoxLunch

I give this piece of Haunted Mansion merchandise three thumbs up! Check out this hitchhiking ghost inspired t-shirt.

Hitchhiking Ghost T shirt
Credit: BoxLunch

And for cooler weather, you can show your love for Haunted Mansion with this crewneck. Simple, yet classic.

HM Crewneck
Credit: BoxLunch

Haunted Mansion Accessories

The happy haunts are materializing in honor of the 50th anniversary of Haunted Mansion on this Loungefly backpack!

Loungefly HM
Credit: BoxLunch

You’ll want to keep your belongings close by when riding in your doom buggy on the Haunted Mansion because you never know what those pesky ghosts may be up too. This Haunted Mansion fanny pack is perfect for your next Disney trip.

HM Fanny Pack
Credit: BoxLunch

The famous tightrope walker will help keep your money ‘balanced’ thanks to this new Loungefly wallet.

Loungefly Wallet
Credit: BoxLunch

And if you’re looking for a matching piece of Haunted Mansion merchandise to go alongside your tightrope walker wallet, then check out this tightrope walker backpack, also by Loungefly.

HM Backpack
Credit: BoxLunch

And to top off all the Haunted Mansion accessories, BoxLunch has a faux leather Loungefly cardholder, which features a spooky tombstone design with 5 card slots.

Card Holder HM
Credit: BoxLunch

Home Decor

Are you looking to be the perfect ghost host? Then decorate your home with these Haunted Mansion merchandise pieces.

This Haunted Mansion throw features the famous hitchhiking ghosts and is guaranteed to keep you warm when you get that sudden chill.

HM Throw
Credit: BoxLunch

If you like to cook or bake, then check out this Haunted Mansion oven mitt. The design of this Haunted Mansion merchandise is inspired by the classic Haunted Mansion wallpaper.

HM Oven Mitt
Credit: BoxLunch

For another great addition to your kitchen, snag these Haunted Mansion kitchen towels. These are sure to allow you be the best ghost host to your dinner guests.

HM Towels
Credit: BoxLunch

Stay hydrated with this adorable Haunted Mansion cup, which features the iconic ballroom scene from the classic attraction along with the distinctive Haunted Mansion wallpaper.

HM Carnival Cup
Credit: BoxLunch

Whether you are looking to be the best ghost host for your dinner guests or just want to show some love and appreciation for this classic attraction, there are so many pieces of Haunted Mansion merchandise to choose from.

Shop all of these products on Boxlunch.com.

Is Haunted Mansion your favorite Disney attraction? Which one of these items do you want to bring into the comfort of your home?

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