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  1. Stacy Curci

    How do you get added to this lawsuit? As I have purchased 2 of these Fluerods because we travel to Disney World in Orlando quite often.

    1. Louise

      I’d be interested in knowing too. I think is a very legit claim. That’s the reason I purchased my fuel rod because of the unlimited use after initial purchase.

  2. Breed7

    Bailee, sweetie, no one can be “taken back” by this news. In English, we use the phrase “taken aback.” Adults who speak English know this. Perhaps you should get an adult to proofread your work before it gets published.

    1. Dingus

      Thank you for your contribution.

    2. mcevans8

      Breed7, sweetie, get off the internet.

    3. Traci

      You are 100% off topic with your snobby corrections.

      1. Harley

        Welcome to itm they rather be the ELA police then remember this is a comment board and most people comment in the time they have! People have lives surely Ballie and everyone else does whom contributes articles!

  3. Steve

    Get over it

  4. Alaine

    So businesses aren’t allowed to change their prices without being sued now? No one has even paid the fee yet because it hasn’t started. You chose to buy this expensive charger instead of doing research and being proactive at keeping a normal one charged up. Deal with it.

    1. Traci

      Change prices? How about promise of FREE recharged packs. Not a price change, a rip off. Its not even able to fully charge most phones anymore. So no, they are not allowed to change prices or should I say create one for the first time.

    2. Traci

      You should do Your research before you comment. Seems you don’t understand what the deal was.

    3. Joe

      Pretty clear the only person who hasn’t done their research is you, Alaine. When purchasing these chargers, it was plastered all over the kiosks that they had “FREE UNLIMITED SWAPS”. That is what made the $30 premium for a substandard charger worth purchasing. This is false advertising and deceptive practices to now change the kiosks to say “$3 per swap”.

      If they want to change their pricing structure, they are free to do that, but they need to grandfather in those that purchased at the $30 price point with the promise of “FREE UNLIMITED SWAPS”

      1. Alaine

        You paid $30 to be lazy and never have to charge up a portable charger. I refuse to feel bad for you all.

  5. MAL

    Dis Corp want these gone! They proved their point. Now we will see star wars & Micky recharger kits!! I took a Disneyland survey months ago! Specific question”do you use portable phone charger”

  6. Mark

    You guys all know your arguing free vs a few dollars knowing wdw they could be charging you $30 again look at other refills etc elsewhere. You know those free cups you get w dining plan they arent free for everyone! And when you return w them its just easier to get them free again bc i asked to rescan my past one it be $20! So same here i dont get fretting over a few $ now them not being always 100% charged in exchange that i see the arguement!

  7. Wonder Bread

    WDW has made it so much easier to charge devices. There are stations generously filled with changing banks around resort lobbies, the buses have been newly appointed with tonnes of charging outlets and there are even areas in the parks to charge for free as well.
    WDW covered their arse in this fiasco. FuelRod is stupid; they should have seen people would figure out ways to make not only get their $30 value in return, but push to high heaven causing a net loss for FuelRod. Come up with a stupid plan, get crushed.

  8. Sammy

    They weren’t cheap (Disney isn’t exactly known for discounts!), but they were a handy option that didn’t weigh you down. Since FuelRods and the swaps cost less at most other places, I’m thinking Disney picked the price. I’ve seen other brands of vending machine batteries at airports that cost more and didn’t even come out charged at all. I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth after having my phone almost die there a couple of years ago. Anyway, I’ve heard that they’re giving refunds to people who contact them – no reason to feed the lawyer trolls. If they go out of business, no one will get any swaps.

  9. Disney parks are the best because they are the ultimate in theming, and storytelling. They are not normal theme parks with just roller coasters. Every single one of their rides, shows, attractions all tell a story and they put you in the middle of a story.

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