Comments for Watch: The final “Frozen 2” trailer just released, Elsa reveals new look

Frozen 2

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    Lets just say you cant strike lighting 3 times! Why do i feel like i got these answers in the musical already and this story is just to give the people whom cant afford the musical an ending???? Some things honestly need to just go to a streaming service!
    The new song is nowhere near let it go nor the songs from the musical!
    The costumes look like they put coats on the costumes from the musical esp elsas! One thing is for sure burni will be like pua to moana sold out all the time and barely in the movie!

    1. Harley

      Monster is a song that shouldnt be touched outside of broadway idina even said she couldnt attempt to sing it! Like let it go it took her months to get the new songs right its sad to see it but we all get older and can only sing so much but shes still got some amazing vocals…. i agree this movie looks like oh you couldnt afford the musical heres a brief fill in the blanks of the plot holes it filled but def still worth seeing… and i hated the first movie the musical brought me back so its saying a lot!
      I can not wait to see burni i hope that little icemander sees more screen then poor more pua less stupid chicken! My kid already wants a plush of him.

      1. Jackie

        I saw kristin bell on interview saw she was told she couldnt carry an epic # bc shes anna the comedic relief then why is true love in the musical???? If anna wasnt supose to have a big #???
        I guess i am as lost as kristin whom was told if she wanted to sing big #s to go be in the musical bc shes not getting them in the movie… kinda rude esp bc i have heard her sing shes not idina but shes no jane doe off the street trying to carry a tune either.

      2. Rebel porg

        Burni pua the porgs a winning trio in my book!

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