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China pavilion at Epcot

Credit: Disney


  1. Mickey

    My number 1 country would be India. There’s so much more that Disney could bring about the country and culture to WS. I would follow this up with Nepal, Bulgaria, Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Also, they could turn the few stands of Africa into an actual pavilion with a show and an attraction. All of the countries should offer a free short tour with a guide so you could better understand the pavilions and their significance. Morocco used to do this. I’m not sure if they still do this today.

    1. Obvious answer

      Puerto Rico is there, America.

  2. Walt Jr

    Greece by far should be in there. It offers great food, a Hercules ride, historical significance, a basis for an outdoor theater, great music and dancing, and some truly different architecture.

    1. Stacey

      Completely agree!!

  3. ashepherdsgirl

    Israel would be awesome.

  4. I’d love to see Cuba, Haiti, or Jamaica represented. All three have vibrant culture and delicious food. And all three have some unfair negative associations in American culture that could use some counteracting. But Disney needs to maintain a good relationship with the state of Florida, which considers Caribbean nations to be regional competitors for tourism, so it’s very unlikely that any of these would happen.

  5. Rob

    India for sure! Agree on Russia! Love to see Thailand or Brazil. Perhaps Kenya?

  6. Harley

    The rumored countries are brazil india and russia thats it! the latter 2 were on the orginal WS build list i got postcards from before epcoy opened they dont have their own separte card but they are on the group. Brazil got added later bc majority of tour groups come from brazil and many icps.
    The melleium showpace (sorry for spelling) pavlion aka sp events between uk and canada when all other countries were placed in one spot was a great idea to redo bigger. I think that was when india and brazil came up again.

  7. jim

    Love all these ideas. But only a country that can be associated with some kind of IP has a shot. Besides that, not going to happen as much as we all would like it.

    Love all these ideas and we can all dream…. but with Disney turning Epcot into something more kid friendly. The only chance would be Switzerland, with a Matterhorn ride.

    While we have all heard that the Brazil Pavilion was all but a done deal, the fact that is hasn’t happened says volumes, because there is no IP to put into it.

    Look for expansion on what we have.

    Would love to see an Aladin ride similar to Peter Pans flights riding a magic carpet in Morocco and a CoCo overlay in Mexico.

  8. Stephen

    There are a few obvious missing countries. The countries that would add the most in unique culture are: Greece, India, Brazil, and Spain. Australia is also an obvious missing country if Disney doesn’t eventually build an Australia area in Animal Kingdom. Russian will never happen for political reasons. Honorable mention goes to Holland (they really do need a windmill standing along the lake). One wildcard is Peru (think Manchu Picchu).

  9. Mickey

    I like Israel, Thailand, and Peru as well. It would be great if Disney would put in an Aladdin ride, and make a CoCo ride as well. They would need to add a meet and greet as well. The CoCo tie-in to the musicians in Mexico was taken out recently. Did they take away the band or just the CoCo tie -in? They need to make the Kidcot an experience as well. Add a few more things to do there… maybe, the CMs telling a short story about their country and the city they came from. Add a bit more space, for sure, to the area dedicated to this. Everyone is super crowded around the table and there isn’t enough room to get to the CM to get whatever you brought stamped. This is also a fun activity for adults to participate in as well. I don’t get the mask; I’ll take in my autograph book or a passport stamp book, and ask them if they can write something (Happy Birthday, for example) in their language. They will stamp what you bring them as well. It’s fun getting to talk with the CMs about their countries. It would be better if they had just a bit more time to spend on this without feeling rushed.

  10. Chazz

    Greece, it is a noticeable omission, although I doubt they ever add another country.

  11. Alex

    Countries like Greece, India and Brazil have a great and unique culture. In addition to its architecture, cuisine, landscapes, traditions, and all its culture in general. I think they deserve to be represented in a World Showcase pavilion. Hope they add them soon.

  12. Riley Gross

    I think they should add a Fiji or Tahiti pavilion for Moana.

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