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epcot experience

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    This experience left me speechless its amazing to see everything from d23 close up yet they added so much in this wonderful circle vision preview.
    There are even picture spots for the new attractions and is at odyssey aka epcot experience central. It will be an evolving experience till epcot changes are complete cms are saying until “all changes others to be added later and the 360 experience will present it!”
    If this is the future of epcot and esp the 360 films bring em on and bring more to epcot!
    This shared the hope and brought a tear to my eye.
    The awe and expression in
    Everyone face at it it truly proves epcot is alive and well forever!
    A treat was my kid and i spoke w whom we assumed was just a manager she told him to always believe in his dreams and sparks bc they will always need the future to keep the hope of walt and epcot alive! And she couldnt wait to see what my future imagineer does in the future! I learned alittle while later it was the VP of epcot! And for my kid whom loves epcot to get a compliment like that from VP (weather just being nice or not as its the disney guest service) i told my kid thats a high honor he should cherish!

    1. Mark

      I can not wait to see it all sounds like you and your son enjoyed it! Epcot is def full of hope for the future and i for one am looking forward to seeing it alive again N not. Constantly covered in walls and dead buildings!
      That is also a great compliment from VP what a high honor i hope your son does bring his ideas to WDI in ths future she is right disney needs more people w hope in their hearts! Its what walt would want and would have said for epcot his place of change hope and being!

  2. Mickey

    I watched Epcot Forever on the DPB, and I got once, don’t want to see this show live. The only thing that I liked about the show was the nod to Imagination with Figment songs. Let’s hope the new permanent nighttime show next year is far better than this one. The only thing about Epcot (right now) that keeps this as my 3rd favorite park is the World Showcase and Imagination with Figment. Before Hollywood Studios changed about 7 years back, it was my number 1 favorite followed by a tie with MK and Epcot for second place. MK became my #1 park after HS changed. HS became my 2nd favorite park. I can’t say yet, as to whether or not, Epcot will stay at #3.

    1. Jackie

      Okay granted free to your opinion but this article is about the epcot experience which is amazing! Epcot forever i got was interesting but glad its not harmoinUS! HarmoniUS looks as amazing and full of love and culture as the new update to SSE looks! Though honestly keep the on fire kites they were WOW!

  3. Mickey

    What do the designs on the flags represent? I’ll admit, when I wrote the above comment, I was wrong. I saw a total of two videos, and neither did the show justice. DPB, in my opinion, was taken way far away and in another video, it was way too dark. The show was good. The music was still my favorite however.

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