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Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce

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  1. Mark

    This is sad and i know someone whom died from epilepsy but just like Cameron hes in heaven! Dove is the perfect example of what happens when you have no faith! Mourning and stages are different but you should also be happy to know hes not suffering in silence like even my friend did i know hes in a better place. Even if you do not have faith enough to believe in heaven then you should still be happy to know your friend isnt suffering! Dove acts like shes the one effected it happened months ago now move on w your life and smile!

    1. CC

      Wow! First how do you know what her faith is? Second, get over it and move on?!? It’s heartbreaking going through a loss (even when you believe they are in a better place), and when you’re young and a friend dies, it’s not expected and can rock your world. Clearly you haven’t lost someone who truly impacts your life if you can get over it in a few months. Grieving is different for everyone, and you’re being heartless about it.

      1. Mark

        I lost my daughter in a bad car accident and my ehole family is gone how dare you!!@!@ we all greive different and now i am a dad again i always pray i do not hurt her like my other dUghter bc i blame myself for pushing her away and thats when she wss in her car accident in vegas!! but she clearly has no faith and if she does she get over it to know hes in a better place really crying while watching movies sheesh shes obviously lying she wasnt close to him… sofia now shes like a sister she couldnt promote the film w everyone she couldnt speak etc. Thats grief i believe now dove is saying shes upset and overly emotional anbout it but wasnt this whole tjme honestly move on and be honest to yourself dove its like jumping on a bandwagon bc you looked bad before when you weren’t mourning.

      2. Harley

        Grief is taken in different ways while i agree mark it sounds like she has no faith bc it would be easier to get over it like you said and yes she sounds like now your going to mourn you didnt care months ago!
        But to each his own and i agree w CC in that bc grief is grief and maybe you need some pysch help mark.
        I know someone just like cameron too and even w faith to know hes in a better place it still wrecks havoc… his sis will still mourn every jan for a whole month every yr bc of the memory!

    2. Mark

      Then why are you on a disney website just to say f you people honestly this is why the world is full of hate!!!! Bc people like you spread it not me!!!
      I spoke out of turn thats all no reason to tell me to go to hell i hope you enjoy it though and harley i do not need help maybe you do and take the person above me w you.

    3. So is Cameron Boyce in heaven


  3. My grandson and I are deeply sorry for everyone’s loss our condolences go out to each and every one of the cast crew and members. We both enjoy very much watching and movies together.

  4. Erica Chambers

    I am a huge Disney fan watch both you Dove and Cameron grow up on screen. I just recently lost my sister to a sudden seizure. No one can tell you how to grieve. It doesn’t matter if you have faith or not. A loss is a loss this person was in your life; now they are not. You still want to do the normal things such as: call them when you are sad or just to hear their voice, want to hang out,get a hug, anything,etc. Yes they are no longer suffering which is the greatest gift out of everything. It’s the ones left behind the loved ones the family, friends. Picking up pieces of the shattered life they must keep going on living. Muddling thru some days are good. Some not really, the ache of loss will always be. Which is a good thing for it means you will never forget. The love ,joy , friendship that was given so easily kindly from the one. Whom will always I mean ALWAYS be watching over you.

  5. Yumi

    Haha…..yall don’t understand how hard it will be we had the same birthday only a year apart. And it wasnt that long from our bday that we had to let him go. It hurts that I cant say Happy Birthday to him and every year till I die I will remember him. I watched him in movies and tv shows and now he’s gone. I will miss our sweet angel.

  6. Naomi

    Sorry for Cameron Boyce
    I’m love the show
    Love Naomi

  7. I don’t even know what to say but when someone is gone he or she is gone for good, that means that when someone is gone something will come.

  8. I am so sorry ??? I can’t stop thinking about it

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