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Journey of the little mermaid

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    Clearly no one ever cares to read warning signs! They just rather complain or sue its like omg stop they warn you i am sorry your on vacation and you think your free from rules! I remind my kid everyday while shes learning to grow there are rules we must listen and follow even adults have them! Its called life!

    1. Harley


  2. Robert

    The conditions reported are not related to ride Malfunctions or accidents. Most of what has been provided is people with medical history of these pre existing conditions or may not even have known that they have them. The combination of Heat, Fatigue, dehydration and lack of sleep just to name a few can cause these. An 80 year old man falling from getting in or out of a ride vehicle can be simply weakness, debility or just like anyone else misjudged his footing. Although these situations happened at a park, they could happen anywhere. This is in no way fault of Disney or any other amusement or theme parks.

  3. DownScale

    So 6 people out of millions of guests had pre-existing conditions that flared up during their vacation? Okay?

  4. Traci

    I have benign positional vertigo. I would never do anything to trigger it! Don’t understand why someone with a pre-existing condition would take a risk. I know my limitations.

  5. Jackie

    i agree w what everyone has said esp mark w why do so many disregard the warnings just to complain?
    To traci point everyone needs to know there limits N mean everyone! But you also just have to watch! I am 30 yrs old but quite the klutz and i have trip out of and onto many a ride is that disney fault no thats completely on me even if falling has me sent to first aid or needing help guess whose right there a cm manager or first aid attendant waiting to see your ok even if its way too busy they take care of you or call the right people!
    I was told by a cm its mandatory training to give assistance to whomever needs it and also ask if a person needs first aid or medical attn 3x!

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