Comments for Disney World firefighters raised concerns over Disney Skyliner prior to breakdown

Disney Skyliner

Credit: ITM Reporter/Sean Sposato


  1. Jackie

    But the crash wasnt even in an opperste area people got off safe and its still the safest mode of transportation at wdw. Besides wdw tested this like crazy bc they arent some crazy company that doesnt care!
    Besides now you have a concern thats concerning bc something happen??? Where was the firefighters concern through all the test runs???
    Come on give me a break! Its still safer then the monorail!

    1. Tekneek

      As mentioned in the article, they repeatedly raised their concerns during the planning and construction phases.

      1. Jackie

        Well thats news to me sorry i dont care what the article nor the news says to most people it looks like its being raised now… and i am sure if it was raised before wdw wouldnt have tested longer they arent universal whom just opens things or keeps it running! I was on mummy one time and bolt came off the ride from my harness they didnt stop the ride nor pull it off nor close disney it would have been down tillbthe ride was fixed! Come on common sense people this crash happen off line ghezz such mountains and bs but no one cares to fix the monorails!?

    2. Traci

      Guess you didn’t read the article.

    3. Kristina Hogue

      Lets get real folks….Orange County AND Osceola County firefighters are there for ANY back up. They weren’t even needed on Saturday! And SHAME on the people that have already contacted lawyers and are suing Disney! Your all vile “people” that are taking monetary advantage of a misfortune. You all went on it willingly…..it was very pleasant outside, obviously it was nighttime, and MOST people that were up there say it wasnt that bad. You can stand in line for 3 hours for a ride? And YOU ALL HAD EMERGENCY BAGS WITH WATER AND OTHER STUFF TO KEEP YOU SAFE AND COMFORTABLE! Its better than standing in the hot sun for 3 hours on Slinky Dog!
      Looking for hand out, instead of working for the money. Shame on you that are suing Disney.

  2. Chazz

    It was just a matter of time until this happened, the fact it was so soon after launch speaks to why I will never use this mode of transport. Of all the potential breakdowns on the other forms, getting trapped guests out of these suspended lunchboxes is the hardest.

    1. Traci

      I’m with you.

  3. I ride the Busch Gardens Williamsburg sky ride all the time. but the cars are open and only 4 at a time. I feel safe on them. I think it has been stopped a couple of times. Once they know why this happened what happened then they will know how to prevent it from happening again.

  4. Matt Brewster

    Unless or until the RCID FD gets the personnel it needs, the Skyliner system should be shut down!!!

  5. Nancy

    So all the firefighters were tied up with the sky-liners—what happens to any people who may need ambulances or god forbid a fire breaks out while everyone is tied up? Just seems the point is as you open new facilities you need to add emergency help for the unexpected emergencies

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