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  1. Laura

    the app and website are fine to use… when they work. and when they work is pretty hit or miss. for a company the size of disney, their IT is astonishingly poor. at my recent 180 mark, the website and app were down, so i had no other choice but to call in to try and get my ADRs, and lost an hour to anyone who may have been able to get in. don’t direct people to use a system that is so unreliable, it’s only going to cause it to crash more often, and take away the only back-up option. so now, if the website and app are down, people are SOL on making any ADRs until it’s back up and won’t have anything good left to choose. technology is great, but only when it works. i used the website and MDE to modify and tweak a lot of fps and adrs for my recent trip, but having the phone backup was a little insurance. it’s crap they are taking it away. just more job cuts. they may claim no jobs are being lost, but they are just trying to fool people and do it quietly. direct people to the app and claim it to be “exclusive” and then most of the phone jobs will be done away with. i’m sure this is all in preparation for that “genie” thing they announced at D23, which i’m certain will be a paid premium service to boot.

  2. Harley

    The app and the website sucks for dining or any reservation it stalls all the time i call the number i get a person no problem whom is happy to help!

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