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Toy Story 4

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  1. I’d like a Toy Story TV series. But the film franchise is over. I don’t want anymore films, since Toy Story 4 served as a conclusion for Woody and Bo Peep. I think we’re good now.

    But, I would love a series that does bring, not only the toys, but the rest of the Pixar characters as part of one connected story. It will be a format to either prove/disprove the Pixar Theory. I still want to know about Andy’s dad, and if he ever gets a stepdad. And who would be the stepdad, and is he connected to The Incredibles or Inside Out? That’s something I would like to see. It could also give Pixar a chance to give us a better story with Merida, or show what happens when Sully finds Boo again after she and her family moved away.

    1. Jared Butcher

      I’d agree that the films are over and it’s unlikely that a Toy Story film would be made for Disney+.

      That said, I can see more specials like Toy Story of Terror being made for Disney+.

      Maybe even a animated series along the lines of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command? Maybe a Woody’s Roundup show?

  2. Harley

    No please dont even my kid is like enough is enough and my kid has been attached to his baby buzz since birth and the movies too so you can tell big fan and he is good! He does still question why TSL is andys backyard not bonnies esp bc tsm has bonnies toys on it etc.
    Buzz says to infinity and beyond the movies do not have too.

  3. Laurie

    I would love a Toy Story 5
    The premise : the traveling fair comes to Bonnie’s home town and Woody & Bo visits Buzz & the gang while in town (of course all kinds of fun can happen while trying to meet)

  4. Jhon

    Toy story 5 would be great, for instance it could take place 10 years later, the carnival shuts down so woody and bo peep go to find andy and the other toys like Jessie and buzz light year and it would be like a road trip movie, and then at the end they finally find andy and his kids and join them, also woody in the middle of the film also finds lotso huggin bear again and become friends

  5. Jackeline

    Yes! Please let there be one! I was heartbroken by the way it ended. But they better have Woody appear again, as Toy Story just isn’t the same without him and the gang together.

  6. Jackeline

    Yes please! I was heartbroken by the way it ended! And they better have Woody appear again, as Toy Story just isn’t the same without him and the gang together.

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