Comments for Disney testing Skyliner until “it is deemed suitable for guests”

Credit: ITM Reporter/Sean Sposato


  1. Mark

    Its running again it was cleared yesterday! Unless this is something else. But i went on it this morning and saw on the news it was clear.

    1. Joe

      So it’s open?
      Because I’ll be there on the 12th and I’m excited to take the Skyliner.
      This article needs updated then.

  2. Joe

    I really hope Disney DOES release the real cause of the stoppage. I think it would go a long way with their guests. If Disney chooses to reopen without providing the details of what happened AND new procedures/plans for rescuing strand passengers in the future, I think they will be making a mistake.

    1. Jackie

      They did i thought it was rivera side isnt open and 3 cars came out of brake position bc power outage so now they had to e stop the ones moving after the power came back.
      The ones that crashed were parked and not in use. It was on the news at least here in fl!
      Someone on one of the gondolas thought they saw a deer run through and cause the e stop. But thats ibviously been debhnked bc that passanger got off at the boardwalk turn N this happened at rivera station.

  3. Harley

    Its still closed was at dhs today wanted to use it to get over to epcot. Though they say it was honestly nothing more than a power outage and a backup at unload that caused it they want to make sure its 100 before going online again they dont need another monorail!

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