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last jedi tarzan up

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney/Pixar


  1. As i said on Twitter, where’s Song of the South on this list of non-included films

    1. Darth Remus

      Thank goodness you said it on Twitter. That gives the whole world a chance to hear you.

  2. TL;DR?
    – Up and Tarzan
    – The Jungle Book (Live Action)
    – Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)
    – Incredibles 2
    – Spider-Man series
    – Avengers: Infinity War
    – The Incredible Hulk

    + All Star Wars except The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story.
    + All of POTC except Dead Men Tell No Tales
    + Avengers: Endgame in December

  3. Trenton B.

    Disney actually doesn’t fully own the rights to Tarzan. The licensing with the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ family estate may not allow the film to be streamed at this time until a deal can be reached.

  4. Does anyone know if they will have the Disney Treasure DVD’s? Like all the wonderful world of Disney or color, original Mickey Mouse or Donald cartoons?

    1. Kirsten

      Leonard Maltin said at D23 that they won’t – but he and his daughter encouraged us to let Disney know that they’re wanted there.

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