Comments for Guests stuck on Disney Skyliner after gondolas crash at loading station

disney skyliner

Credit: Disney


  1. Mickey

    The most important thing here to remember is that there were no injuries, and that should be the perspective. I said this because that’s good to remember. Already, there are negative comments coming in from other sites. It doesn’t matter how one travels, no mode of transportation is perfect. There will be issues. Disney tells you to allow extra time to get to places on time. If explained nicely to your CM, I’m assuming here, they will probably credit your late fee provided that your delayed on Disney transportation. I’m not a heights person, but I am looking forward to trying the skyliner out.

    1. Harley

      Good point is there were no injuries the gondolas that crashed were off line and happen due to power outage. The fire dept came to get everyone safely and at least they are safe. Disney was even smart enough to include water bottles in emergency kits!
      Lately w the way the monorails have been that put people in harms way… the buses have moments w curbs etc the boats literally come to a halt if your standing might make you fall over… this seems still safe in comparison honestly.

  2. stadalberts

    Let’s just see what happens. There is always some sort of mistake somewhere on a piece of property the size of Walt Disney World, and they always manage to do something about it. We have seen a lot of stuff going on there over these many, many years we have been going to WDW.

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