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PhotoPass Mickey

Credit: Disney


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    That is wonderful news! My photopass pictures are some of my favorite treasures! I buy them every visit!

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      A machine can’t capture the pure Disney magic.
      Cause it doesn’t have a heart

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    susan kowalski

    I sure hope this is true!! Our photos taken by the automated photographer were terrible. Would LOVE to see live photographers reinstated at all locations!

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    I am happy that one of the photographers is back but I would really like Disney to bring every single one of the photopass photographers back and get rid of the boxes.

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      I wonder if we start a petition in California to bring back the photographers that were taken out of castle fantasy faire, pixie hollow, pooh corner, Anna & Elsa, black panther, captain marvel and Launch Bay. They weren’t replaced by any machine they just got rid of them. Ever since max pass started.

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        Lauren W.

        Really? That’s terrible. DL has always been light on PP photographers. They don’t need even less. Not all guests are locals. Visitors want a good PP experience there, too.

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    Awesome. Guess the petition worked? Auto photo did the worst pictures and missed a lot.

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    It’s a start but we need to stay on Disney to keep and bring back ALL the photos photographers. Walt is still turning in his grave for this foolish mistake.

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      Lauren W.

      Yes, all the photo boxes need to go. Disney can cut costs elsewhere that humans aren’t integral.

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    Glad to see the photographers back!


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    Debra Mynar

    Our random box photos with Chewbacca last week were horrible! The moments that were captured leave much to be desired, but more importantly, I’ll never have a picture of my hug with Chewy!

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    Sheri DeOrio

    There is no way a machine can do a decent job of photographing people. The interaction with the photographers is what makes people smile, laugh, and act spontaneously for the best memorable pictures. The photographers create these wonderful pictures, not the camera. They all need to come back!

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    Kathleen Schnibben

    This is wonderful to hear!!
    We have a trip coming up, later this month, to WDW, & have already signed up for this service! Have had it before, & nothing can compare to these great ‘live’ photographers!!! I sure hope the rest will be back, where they were, in the spring, this year! Their photos help to ‘make our trip so memorable!!’ Thanks for listening to your ‘paying guests!!!

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    Now if they will just pay them a decent wage!

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    Edward McGowan

    I won’t get photopass until they get rid of all the boxes. It cost too much to have bad photos taken. If I want bad photos I can take them myself.

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    Great news! I hope they are brought back to each of the locations especially in Hollywood Studios. I did the character meet and greets at Launch Bay a while back,, and the character attendants were grumpy and had a bored expression on their face the entire time that I was there. Even with others, I never saw them smile or even talk to the guests. That’s not a person that you want to approach to ask them to take your pictures with the character.

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    Jon Thistle

    Great decision!!! AI and all the tech stuff may be coming but it ain’t ready for this task.

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    I certainly hope that Disney will use photographers to take pictures of its guests. For what a PhotoPass costs, I expect to have access to quality photos that are tailored to my family. These are memories that should not be captured by an automated box camera. It cannot feel what is important in the moment like a human can.

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    That’s fantastic about time they did it right again. They should have never been taken away. Something as special and memory making as a photo while at Disney should be done by a person not an automatic box.

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    I’m happy to learn that Disney brought back a PhotoPass photographer for Mickey’s meet & greet, however, Disney needs to bring back ALL of their PhotoPass photographers to keep the magic alive. You’d think that with the increase in pass prices, food, & lodging that Disney could afford to keep the special details that Disney goers have come to love & expect.

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    We will be coming to Disney World next week. We had waited to purchase the Memory Maker because of the negative reviews of the boxes. May reconsider now. We have always loved our pictures which included smiles, hugs and laughs. Only a photographer can capture those moments.

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