Comments for Disney’s “Toy Story 4,” “Frozen 2” submitted for Oscar consideration

Toy Story 4

Credit: Pixar


  1. Thomas

    I did wonder if TLK would have been submitted for Best Animated Feature for the reasons you said, it is actually an animated movie BUT I understand why it wasn’t submitted for it in the fact that it was publicised and advertised as a Live-Action Remake. I can imagine it’s being submitted for Best Picture but I could imagine the other studios having a bitter taste in their mouths had TLK been pushed as a Live-Action remake to then be in the Animated category. I’d like to see F2 win over TS4 which I still don’t think was a necessary movie to make, it’s okay, but adds a slight tarnish to the amazing legacy that ending on TS3 had created.

    1. Jackie

      Tlk isnt animated its live action and wasnt well received just like the rest of the abominations that are the remakes!

  2. I enjoyed Toy Story 4, but it’s not the Best Animated Feature of 2019. I might have to give it to How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Like Toy Story 3 winning in 2011, this is the third installment for a beloved franchise that deserves an award.

    It’s too early to determine the success of Frozen 2, but I think it might disappoint. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Harley

      I enjoyed ts4 a whole lot more than the lotso fiasco of 3 where our beloved toys almost die and buzz is evil for half of it but still not 1 or 2 level! Frozen 2 i am w you film fan i hope not for it to fail but there struck lighting twice third time is sometimes a charm and sometimes a out!
      Dragons 3 will hopefully win just due on the story full of tears and night lights that touched so many hearts build a bear couldnt keep em in stock at the beginning!

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