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disney nap

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  1. Edward McGowan

    That all sounds good but if you snore it won’t go over too well. Except maybe Spaceship Earth. Lol

    1. Melanie Durham

      Lol! So true!

  2. Disney Mike

    My husband will fall asleep anywhere. He has his favorites, though. Number one for him is the Tiki Room. We’ll sit on a back row and he’ll be out within 60 seconds. He loves napping in the Carousel of Progress, too. The DVC member lounge makes his top 5 as well. Hall of Presidents was good before the change in 2017; now it makes us vomit so it’s out. American Adventure and Impressions de France work well. He says the boat from Epcot to the Studios is very good for napping, too.

    When all else fails, a trip to the lobby of the nearest resort always works, but when we’re staying at the Boardwalk or Beach Club Villas, we’ll just pop back to our room for a nap whenever we feel like it.

    1. Melanie Durham

      Too funny! Your husband and my husband should hang out and nap! Haha! Jk! Mine is the same way!

  3. Steven Rage

    Wow, someone who finds Hall of Presidents boring, yet says Carousel of Progress is one of her favorites….. we are complete opposites.

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