Comments for Disney eases up on “Disney Look” policy for Cast Members at the parks

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort


  1. Philippe

    Hair facial shouldn’t be allowed in restaurant in general for sanitation purposes

  2. May

    Disney is going to have to become much more reasonable than this or they are going to end up perpetually short-handed. Tattoos and piercings are mainstream now. You can’t expect everyone to look like it’s still the ‘50s and as a visitor I don’t know why they should. “Professionalism” is an attitude, not conformity to outdated styles.

  3. Michelle D

    Philippe, I completely agree! The facial hair, along with long hair that is not in a net, is a health issue for food service workers. I hope this won’t change the food safety.

    May, yes and no. There are some jobs where the tattoo takes the cast member out of his or her “part” in the show that is the Disney parks. If I see Snow White, for instance, sporting a tattoo, I’m going to be a bit put off based on what I’ve seen of her in the movies. On the other hand, if a cast member working in the world showcase has a small tattoo that fits with the country, I’m not going to likely even notice it, let alone be troubled by it. I might even be interested to hear of its origin or the reason the cast member got it.

  4. Melanie Durham

    This is what makes each of us unique and different! I completely understand in the food industry that possibly they should not have facial hair or at least wear netting for the beards and long hair! I totally agree with that! As far as tattoos go….I love them, however….I agree that they should not be on snow white, Elsa, Cinderella, etc. in places where they can be seen at least! I’m happy Disney is loosening up!

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