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  1. Harley

    Please do this disney this is what your best at. This is what your built on. Ty!

    1. Kathy

      I would love it if they did return to traditional animation. It has more soul and more beauty than anything a computer can generate.

    2. Roxanne

      I love the hand drawn animation! Has a deeper more personal impact on the viewer vs the computer g with eyes that are way too large and common these days. Hand drawn also appears more realistic and I connect better with the characters and story. CG movies are all starting to look the same. Boring and repetitive.
      Go hand animation!!!

  2. Chris

    Yes, I miss the real animation of days past. CG lacks the heart that Walt began the company with and seems very stale.

  3. I am open to having hand-drawn and CGI animated movies from the same studio. It makes the visuals more diverse. But the only way for hand-drawn animation to work is to remember what makes a cartoon great.

    The look for films like Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast found that balance of cartoonish elements and authenticity to appeal to families. The reason why films like Treasure Planet failed financially, in my opinion, was because of how dark the color palette became. Once you see the animation in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, it’s almost lost its sense of being a balance of cartoon and real. It starts to feel like that could play better as a live-action film. Treasure Planet was Disney trying to bring those elements back, blending the color palettes of Lilo & Stitch and Atlantis together. Yet, I still think the animation beared similarity to Atlantis’. That’s why I think it flopped. The audience was not ready for Treasure Planet. The dark look was a turn off. I know it was for me when I was a child.

    But yeah, Disney! Bring it back!

    1. Kaylah Fidge

      I respectfully disagree with the comment on treasure planet. The reason the movie failed is primarily because the film was a passion project of two of Disney’s employees, and the company sabotaged (a strong choice of words but it describes the situation) the release by putting very little money and effort into the advertisement of the film as they were also releasing lilo and stitch that same year, and were betting in it’s own success, despite both movies being fantastic visually and plot wise. I loved that movie as a kid and still do, despite the darker, less colourful pallets, because I think it worked for the tone of the movie.

  4. Thomas

    I would love to see Disney return to hand-drawn animation, maybe on a rotation with the modern 3D rendering, there’s just a heart to the hand-drawn movies which the more modern movies lack slightly. I would also like to see a return to some of the fairy tales being done like ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Rumpelstiltskin’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ – I know all about ‘Gigantic’ but it’d be nice to see the old familiar stories being told in Disney’s classic style. Computer animation can still be used, a gingerbread house, the Giant’s kingdom. Basically use the animation to bring the most heart to the relevant story. Another person’s comment about ‘Treasure Planet’ is right, it could have worked better in the 3D animation rather than hand-drawn, whereas in it’s original Treasure Island setting hand-drawn would work and gives me thoughts of ‘Sword in the Stone’. It’s nice to read something about Disney thinking about past styles that have worked well for them, and acknowledging their history and the legacy left for future work rather than constantly announcing remakes.

  5. jasonbres

    They made two shorts that combined CG with hand-drawn animation: Feast and Paperman. What happened with making a full-length feature using that technique?

    1. Alan Mcfee

      Japan is using that in a lot of anime, and it’s hard to tell.


  6. I would love to see traditional animation come back. I even took a year-long course with Don Bluth to learn the process. I have spent years trying to get my Christmas screenplay off the ground. I even adapted it as a children’s picture book and contracted two Disney artists who worked on The Lion King, Milan, Lilo and stitch, etc. One day maybe Disney will get behind a project like mine!

    1. J

      I’m a huge fan of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (aka Tangled the series), and, not only, the 2D animation is beautiful, but the intricate detailed storyline makes it that much rewarding to watch.

  7. Emmy

    I absolutely hate the new CG style that’s so prevalent now, I love the traditional animation style. For the record, from previous comments, I LOVE Atlantis, it’s one of my very favorites.

  8. Sarah

    Definitely fans will welcome 2D animated movies back, it was what Disney founded and if the studios can mix 2D with 3D (like Paper Man) and have its old identity back. I felt that Pixar had pushed the company to do 3D movies too much and be more ‘like them’ than what it should’ve been since 2011.

  9. Sarah

    Absolutely, everyone will love if Disney returned to their 2D animations or have a merge of 2D mix with 3D hybrid once awhile. Most people remember and loved Disney’s original films and it will be much welcomed back and children can watch the same movies as the older generations did.

  10. Yes this will inspire young artist to do better in the Animated Arts thereby producing higher caliber free hand artist !

  11. Alan Mcfee

    Seeing as Japanese anime is still using hand drawn, I would think they’d want to appeal to the Asian market, as it is also gaining popularity worldwide. It would be a shame to loose that art form.

  12. Jon Turner

    There IS a way to support hand drawn animation this year. Go see KLAUS, distributed by Netflix. It’ll have a brief theatrical distribution this November, then go to the streaming service. You want hand drawn animation back? You’ll have to show that it has a market. Disney isn’t going to automatically jump into it unless they are sure they can make money from it. And there hasn’t been any such movie that has done so in YEARS. Only the success of movies like KLAUS, DAWGTOWN, and even an upcoming DRAGON’S LAIR movie will hand drawn be seen as relevant again, and even Disney will reconsider. It will have to be someone else who gives Disney the motivation to start again, not the other way around.

  13. Kaylah Fidge

    As an animator and illustrator I’m incredibly keen for the return of 2D! Both mediums have their strengths, but there is a life and charm in 2D that just ain’t in other forms of animation, primarily because you have to make the audience feel for a drawing, you have to make that flat image appear alive! It’s a passion of mine and Ive been sorely missing the character that those films had, especially since some of the recent live action remakes (not to knock 3D animation because it definitely has its strengths) have seemed like more of a tech demonstration than the soulful, beautiful, and creative classics they’re immitating. My only gripe with these remakes is that they are often just made for profit and to demonstrate how life like they can make the textures look, without any thought for the life of the characters actions, voices, and motivations.
    Long rant but yes, very keen for more 2D!

  14. Michael

    Yes, please bring back traditional animation. My favorites are ones like The Adventures of Ichabod Crane, Robin Hood, and Aristocats

  15. Thaddeus

    PLEASE YES! Bring back hand drawn magic! It’s so beautiful to watch and in my opinion, is more captivating! I love it and miss seeing new movies done that way. I feel a great way to segway back into it would be Enchanted 2. 🙂

  16. Tim Lohr

    GOOD! This is the “art form” the company was built on, never should have let it fall off in the first place, and honestly the CG characters don’t look like “Disney” characters to me, but idf is see some type of coloring book, “line art” image of like Anna and Elsa only then to they look like what I think of as Disney animated Characters

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