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Fuel Rod Disney

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  1. allen de rico

    Typical Disney corporate greed.

  2. WDWNewbie

    The Fuel Rod was a very convenient option to use for the price originally, however, you can easily purchase the same “cheap” for under $20 on Amazon. The price was worth it, given that you could exchange it out at any time for no charge. But now it’s not worth the price if you use it just 10 times. For that price, you can easily get one that will charge your phone your entire Disney trip with out needing to be re-charged once.

  3. Jill

    This is baloney. The free unlimited swap was the biggest selling point on these.

  4. Emma

    I feel that if they are going to charge to recharge the fuel rod that it should not cost more then $2 and the new rod should be fully charged. I have received rods that are not fully charged. And the rods over heat.

    1. Mark

      This is why i wasnt gullible into another wdw scam even when my battery was almost dead i heard the sad truth of even new rods being dead as well! Reason why i see so many just traveling w their cords is it so much more to juggle a power cord w you???
      Many already bring half their life esp the ones w kids!

      1. Laura

        fuel rod is their own company, it’s not a “disney scam”. they are all over airports.

  5. SU

    Contact fuel rod and they will refund you. Out of principle of being mis-sold I’m not keeping mine. They also said they charge $1 for the exchange but the retailer can choose whatever they like, so Disney decided to go for the extra $2 of greed.

    1. Brad

      There is NO BENEFIT to a Fuel Rod without the free swap. I have a couple other chargers that I will use instead from now on because they have more charging ability.

  6. Sheila

    Very upset about this. We bought 3 of them for the 3 of us in my family as a one time investment of $90…now, that was false advertising. Not right at all. Those of us the purchased them under the free swap agreement, should maintain that right!

    1. Dom Reitano

      Spot on

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