Comments for FIRST LOOK: “Frozen 2” merchandise headed to Disney Parks

Frozen fan Fest merch

Credit: Disney


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    See what you did there disney and that was really bad marketing…
    So its force friday and frozen fest????
    So tech your trying to say star wars is for boys but girls dont worry heres frozen stuff!
    Hate to break it to you but my daughter rather look up to rey leia and now vi way before she ever looks up to elsa or anna!
    I think its safe to say you like the rest of the world should “let it go” and be open to we are going to like whatever we want!
    I honestly think w all the complaints w star wars frozen 2 is being overshadowed wo a question there is no need for a 2nd!
    The musical did enough justice to bring a beautiful close to a rather ok story! The only valid way to stand seeing it is the sing along version at studios eric and aria are a hoot! My 2 cents and i am kinda shocked disney would do this and w in the same sentence say they stand w equality!

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      Mark thats kinda pushing it see some part of what you said but to me honestly its like whatever side your on light dark or frozen its a win-win for disney fans and disney bc $$$$!

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