Comments for Live near Disney World? Fireworks testing might wake you up this week

Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks show

Credit: Disney


  1. David H Schroeder

    On a visit to the Boardwalk a few years ago, I woke up at about 3:00 a.m. to the distant but quite audible testing of one of the Star Wars music/firework shows at DHS. It was quite irritating. I understand that testing is necessary, but at full volume?

    Is there some central website or Twitter account that I can check to stay up to date on these testing events?

    1. They have no other time to test the rooms are mostly sound proof except by the doors be grateful your not these holidays fireworks bc if your at the hotels near by the music goes on too bc they pipe in the music to hotels around the lagoon nightly!
      At least w epcot or dhs is just fireworks! Mk seems to go overboard these get warnings esp bc they are 360 fireworks and will only run during holidays!

      1. Jackie

        I live near by and i agree w mark you can here mk for miles during the holidays so they will alert people more to those bc they are 360 and not just regular tests like a dhs thing! Mk fireworks esp holiday are changed frequently and longer they need to practice the show straight while others its just sporatic if something new comes in this is every holiday season! You think living so close i be immune or like wow i can see the fireworks this is cool yea NO but i deal w it! I get to say i live almost around the corner from wdw wo paying the golden oaks millions!

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