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disney character coins

Credit: Disney / Westminster Collection


  1. David H Schroeder

    Thank you for this report. It is interesting to read.

    However, I don’t think the minters of these coins would acknowledge or agree that they are “Disney inspired.” This coin set is labeled a “Pantomime” collection — which means that it is primarily a tribute to the British theatrical tradition of Christmas-time “pantomime” shows, which are wild farcical live theater takes on all manner of fairy tales and legends, including all of those stories chosen for this set of coins.

    The “Pantomime” tradition in British theater long pre-dates the Disney adaptations of these stories. I love these Disney films! Don’t get me wrong. I would just invite everyone to learn more about this equally wonderful tradition of English Christmas Theater.

    Best Wishes,
    David H Schroeder
    Port Townsend, WA

  2. stadalberts

    I have a set of actual “Disney” money. I have ten Disney dollars that ‘were’ or ‘are’ actual Disney dollars that at one time could actually be spent at Disney parks and stores. I have a whole set of numerically sequential “Dollar” bills with Mickey’s picture on each one in a frame on my wall at home. Whether they can still be used as actual “cash” at Disney stores and resorts as well as at the parks is beyond me, but I would not spend them anyway. I just prefer to hold onto them for a while longer to see if they would be worth anything more than their face value….

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