Comments for Disney Cast Members make magic after child loses his toy

jacob davis dino animal kingdom

Credit: Allison Davis


  1. Harley

    Omg that is so sad that his toy was stole you never think that at wdw but those cms were beyond amazing! I am so glad those parents knew to turn tl cms for magic!
    And magic they delivered omg so amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Topher

    Yay! I’m Topher Cortez!! I’m the one who made this magic!

    1. Becky Burkett

      Hi Topher! I wrote this article because it was such an amazing story! I’ve seen several acts of Disney Cast Member magic, but this one trumps them all!

  3. Stephen Finney

    That is awesome. Nice job, Topher. I did this exact thing for my daughter when her Duffy went missing. My DL AP friend took pictures with their Duffy, we made them into a book which she got on the plane and he showed up outside our door the morning of her birthday.

  4. Kurt Lohmann

    Thank you cast Members, outstanding job, keeping the dreams of this child and his family, well done.

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