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  1. Lawrence Dizon-Weisberg

    Bad idea. Disney MUST partner with outside forces to keep the MCU vibrant. Keeping Sony in the mix adds another voice to the MCU.

    Disney having the sole creative voice has put us where we are now – directionless.

    With the recent cycle ending, no one is asking for sequels to the recent spate of MCU offerings. Doctor Strange 2? With the exceptions Black Panther and Guardians, none of the other characters (including you, Capt. Marvel), have sparked much interest.

    A teaming of Spider-Man, Capt Marvel, Stange and Panther is a hodgepodge at best – NOT a solid Ironman/Thor/Cap/Hulk. These were four characters you could see hanging out together.

    1. deucezulu22

      All of what you just said about character interest is not true. People keep digging Captain Marvel on the internet, but it turns out to be the opposite when it comes to the majority.

  2. Ed

    From Sony’s perspective this a great deal. Rumor has it Apple may buy Sony. At that point the rights for Spiderman revert back to Marvel and Sony/Apple gets nothing.

  3. I can’t tell what the future for Spider-Man may hold, but I could never trust Sony Pictures with handling the rights on their own, and in my heart, I see a new trinity consisting of Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Black Panther for Marvel.

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