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  1. RG Williams

    Where to begin…. all of my watches have disney or mickey on them. All of my computers have a Walt Disney quote sticker on them. Every month we are visiting a park – either Disneyland or WDW. We are WDW Club 33 members. Everyone contacts us for tips and pointers. We have a written game plan to email to anyone who wants to get the most out of the parks. One of three Christmas trees is dedicated to only Disney. My arm sleeve and both leg sleeves (tattoos) are Disney characters. When asking my kids where should we vacation… duh they say Disney of course. When traveling to Hawaii it is only to Aulani Disney resort. Have stayed at all three Dland hotels. Have stayed at all but three of the hotel resorts in WDW. Have been Premier annual passholders for 5+ years.

  2. loretta

    i´m a disney addict too unfortunately I live in Mexico so I don’t have my pal mickey around the corner but I have downloaded all soundtracks and loops I can and every time I see a mickey plush I want it

  3. Thomas

    Complete Disnerd here! When my friends are going to Florida on holiday I find it bizarre that they choose to stay in a villa in Kissimmee rather than at a Disney hotel (I find that I save money staying at Disney than not). Even if I don’t particularly like the Disney movie, I will still watch it and find things I do like. I have seen most professional Disney musicals except Tarzan, Aida and Frozen – the first two closed shortly before I was due to visit New York and they haven’t played in the West End, and Frozen opens in London next year so guess what I’m going to see, and I’ve seen Mary Poppins on stage 5 times, London Original Cast twice, Broadway Original Cast, UK Touring Production and the first preview of the revival in London last week. My dissertation at Uni was on Disney. My bedroom is full of Disney, including a framed photo of the great man. I don’t particularly care for the remakes as to me they lose the heart of Disney. When I go away somewhere I make sure there’s at least a Disney store wherever I’m going, even if I’m not going to buy anything I will spend an hour looking at everything. I have a special folder where I keep all the Disney Animated Canon and Pixar DVDs, plus some of the key live-actions, and NO ONE is allowed to borrow from it without me making them sign a contract and I have fined people for not returning them in the allotted time. Even though I don’t particularly mind Universal, I find that the majority of the rides are video simulators and not as fun or immersive as the rides at Disney World – and I do not like Harry Potter at all!

  4. Heather

    I love it!! Disney for life!!! ?

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