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  1. The Netflix series DID occur in the MCU. The Incident was mentioned early on. This is why everyone was hopeful that they’d eventually cross over. The shows ended too close to Infinity War, so the snap was never addressed in any of them. I’m sure they would have, since Jessica Jones was the only series finished after cancellation was announced.

    Throw Fisk into prison with Scorpion and Vulture, have Matt represent Peter in the trial for Mysterio’s death, maybe with Foggy’s help, and we’re set. No further explanation needed. People saw the shows.

    1. Came here to say the same thing. EVERY Marvel produced, non-X-Men series is in the MCU, because that’s how Marvel announced them. And at NO point have they retracted that status. Until they do, even the shows we don’t like, or even ones that flopped, are MCU shows.

      It’s bad enough when random fans insist this. Now we’re going to have people trying to cite this article as evidence.

      Another false claim regularly made is that they are no longer canon because they were cancelled. Like, that’s not how any of this works.

    2. Apple Jackson

      I was going to say the same thing. They reference the events from The Avengers movie–the destruction of New York.

    3. Another thing I forgot to mention, and I don’t see it mentioned here, is it was originally reported that Disney can’t even begin to start making plans until 2 years after the respective Netflix shows’ cancellation. Making this rumor seen a little bit premature.

  2. Apple Jackson

    I’m guessing the author of this didn’t watch the shows. They definitely take place in the same universe.

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