Comments for Autistic boy finds happiness dressing as Disney Princesses and seeing Disney characters

Evan in Disney Princess dresses

Source: CBS News


  1. Harley

    This has me in tears as a parent to a child w sp needs whose always teaching him being different is a superpower what a beautiful boy and what amazing parents! Inspiring!

  2. Laura

    every single one of her captions has an ad for some business in it. that gives me significant pause right there. if showing this just to show it, fine. but is this just a big farce to drum up business? is she being paid to tout the various accounts and brands she is namedropping? even in one of her first captions, she talks about being an AP and “is there any merch you want to know more about?” like she’s one of those resellers/personal shoppers. sorry, red flags all over this making is seem not authentic or sincere. is the boy wearing dresses just a big ruse to get clicks?

    1. Mark

      Everyone # something to the pt this generation doesnt know its actually means number or pound key….
      It doesnt mean shes being sponsored those if your ap etc everyone # that…
      Also people # people or groups that many or many not have social.
      I do not use instagram but i know how it works bc my 1st daughter may she rip lived on social i am sure thats how i lost her!

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