Comments for Bob Iger defends his $66M pay package

Bob Iger

Source: 6ABC


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    Darth Riches

    I, for one, rest well at night knowing that Mr. Iger is able to afford nice things for he and his family. May the bonuses forever be in his favor.

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    Personally if it was me, I’d be embarrassed raking that much money in while employees can’t afford basic necessities. It is quite apparent he’s not really interested in people – his employees and how visitors feel when they visit. Customer service has declined year after year under his watch. He’s is only very much interested in the bottom line.

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    Interesting and fair story. Would be nice to have such a stock award. How exactly does that work, surely not a dividend?
    Hopefully Disney in Orlando works with The Stunt Collective in the future since they are an Orlando based Stunt and action group.

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