Comments for OpEd: Three Reasons Why Animal Kingdom Is The best Disney World Park

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: ITM

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  1. Very interesting points. I never thought of it that way. Still, for me, I prefer castles and futuristic cities over forests.

    I think Magic Kingdom is still my favorite park, because it’s all the things that I love from Disney and Pixar. Also, no attraction feels out of place there. I love going through the different worlds at EPCOT, and I just enjoy Disney’s Hollywood Studios because I love the movies. Animal Kingdom, at times, is too hot to enjoy anything there, and there isn’t enough infrastructure or air conditioning around. And let’s not forget the cheesy out of place carnival rip-off Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama, which could use an update. And Pandora is a fictional universe, while everything else is based on real continents or pre-historic times. Pandora works, but it’s not real, and it comes from a movie that I found overrated. So, it still comes off as my least favorite. Yet, I have to go there for Kali River Rapids and Dinosaur. They’re the most fun.

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