Quiz: What classic Walt Disney World snack are you?

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Dole whip at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

We are all pretty familiar with snacking at Walt Disney World. In fact, we’d almost go as far as to say that Disney snacks at the theme parks are almost like mini attractions in themselves!

In our interactive quiz, answer a few questions to find out which classic Walt Disney World theme park snack you are. Could you be a dole whip, a turkey leg or perhaps you are the king of all snacks, the kitchen sink! There’s only one way to find out, begin the quiz below to find out:

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Of course, we couldn’t include every snack at Walt Disney World in our list of results (though we included as many as we could) but feel free to retake the quiz and answer the questions a bit differently to see what other snacks we’ve included in our quiz, a few might surprise you! Oh, and spoilers, we left out anything including Arendelle Aqua in the name, at least for now…

We’d love to do more of these types of quizzes so do let us know if you had fun with this and we will keep producing them.

Did you match your favorite snack in our quiz? Let us know in the comments below what your favorite snack in Walt Disney World is and why!

in Food, Walt Disney World

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