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  1. Mark

    I love how they think they are a theme park but in the great definition they arent!
    They are a great amusement park it keeps people amused but i love how these CEOs plan devils advocate. They are all racing to the bank w our money either park and laughing bc many people including managers either wrk at both or know each other and laugh bc its truly the fans whom hate each other and articles like this only egg people on!
    Your inside the magic its not cool to be aganist it!

  2. Jackie

    I still dont get why you or anyone else thinks is a competition???
    These CEOs are humoring it! Its quite obviously friendly! Bc uni knows wdw has been in the game a much longer time i wouldnt doubt theres admiration and a game of get you next time….
    They know they market themselves to a different crowd which is more BGT then WDW! Heck BGT even has coasters and a halloween that can sometimes esp this yr put hhn to shame!
    If anyone can not see this its bc they want to spread angst and rude comments amongst everyone which is sad and i bet even the CEOs dont want that! But people still will bc we live in a society where if its not new and shiny and what i want like we grown up children i can complain! Your opinion its still complaining and opening can of worms probably hurting fanbases etc. That most of the time are shared! And thats my 2 cents!

    1. Harley

      I agree w your 2 cents. Esp someone whom was a fan of both wdw and uni till the later got carried away into even more disconnect from fans then wdw!
      Also this “bad twin” appeciates your hos comments! ?

      1. Jackie

        I love the raven twins and scarlett they are my girls and so much more scarier then hhn! So were you one of em?

  3. TimG

    Nintendo Land and Secret Life of Pets will most certainly appeal to kids. The Minions already do. The thing is Universal doesn’t have the princess juggernaut that Disney has. They can’t appeal to kids directly and in direct competition to Disney unless they be crushed. Better to focus on Disney’s blind stop like Disney’s failure to do a proper immersive Star Wars Land.

    1. Jackie

      While you bring up their crude adult covered excuse of kiddie movies uni isnt family friendly they try but even their kiddie rides are 40in height requirements! Thats not a kid in equal to wdw those are the roller coasters.
      They also arent a theme park and never will be they just have rides yes they are based on things but theres no lands no magic its just there!
      And your aloud to have your opinion about batuu but its minority so just dont start theres more to wdw then star wars!

      1. TimG

        It’s spelled “allowed” not “aloud”. Interesting that you say I’m allowed yet there’s “more to WDW than Star Wars”. It’s like you cancel it out anyways. I’ll keep saying it aloud that Batuu is most disappointing. Don’t go to WDW for Star Wars like you said and I agree. HA HA. Universal will soon win out on kids when Nintendo Land opens. Disney has no answer.

      2. Steve Eldredge

        Keep drinking that Disney Kool-aid… You will be fine.

  4. Mark T

    Universal hasn’t really had much success against Disney so I don’t know what this guy’s even talking about. universal is never going to beat Disney because they haven’t been around as long and they don’t have all the emotional connections of past trips that Disney has since their amusement parks first opened. Disney will always be the leader because they continue to innovate, stay ahead of the curve, look towards the future and will always have the best customer service of any company out there in this business climate.

    1. Harley

      Ditto your statement and agree w bonus knowledge of the fact everyone complains about wdw and the money uni was built on money not experiences not a ideal from walt just big business and money! And bc of this always lack customer service standards and fan values. Yes wdw granted has lost some stuff but still has its clientele bc of what walt stood for and values that still stand and have us all coming back yr after yr!

      1. Greg

        You know there is a significant amount of people that vacation to the central Florida area and visit both Disney and Universal Parks and I don’t see how one could be considered better than the other when they’re not very similar and it’s hard to compare the two. The history of Disney will clearly have an advantage when talking about notoriety or character recognition. Personally I am very familiar with both, currently employed with one of the two and have family employed at the other and have visited both probably ballpark of 100 x or more each over the last 20 + years. I can still enjoy a day at either wdw or uni and if I had to make a top 10 list of attractions / rides including any from either venue I would probably end up with five from each or 6 + 4 Etc I have two kids that since under 1 year old have visited the parks with me several times a year. My older child is now 10 and recently seems to bring up going to Universal more often than she used to while my seven-year-old still always wants to visit the Magic Kingdom or the animal kingdom and so I can see the appeal of the parks and how they affect different age groups which I also see while I am visiting the parks or working, as the crowds are obviously different at either Park. But can adults and older kids still enjoy Disney? You bet. Can young kids and pre teens enjoy Universal. Of course. It’s almost better to say that they share a customer base and and look to provide entertainment to those customers each in their own unique way that obviously is very effective as neither company is struggling financially. Its sort of like the debate of which is better : Wal-Mart or Target?

  5. Tom Stidman

    Even though Universal has only two parks, UOR estimated attendance was only 400K lower than DHS in 2018. As a UOR and WDW fan, I think Universal is the equal of WDW in what it can offer in a few years. What Universal is doing with Epic Universe is basically making people decide whether to go to UOR or WDW only. WDW has become so expensive that you have to choose one resort or the other. WDW is losing the middle class to UOR. That will hurt them when the next recession comes to the USA.

  6. Harley

    Great pts esp about fp vs express. We complain about fp but at least we arent paying.
    They also fight you for a guest assist its like i get it some people like at wdw take advantage but not everyone of us could have a physical ailment. Does not mean bc you ask your 2 ? And say NO thats fair my kid needs help… no your kids problems are his problems not mine! Really?! Then this uni TM proceeded to curse me out and then tell the person next to me whom was in a WC they have their assistance in the WC. They should be ashamed asking for more. I never get questioned at disney bc thats not actually nice to judge someone they have a need you should help thats good customer service!
    Sadly i use to go to uni as much as wdw but they also became more like an amusement park then a theme park w good customer service. Even hershey and gardens have better guest relations, concern and assistance! Oh and if you go there they charge for a pass too but its not the same $$ i just paid to get in like uni.

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