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tomorrowland sign

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  1. Harley

    I actually like it bc it reminds me of vintage tomorrowland in a world of tomorrow pretty clever to me…
    Though i agree w a few of the tweets posted something weather bring back AEC or not but glorified stitch meet and greet needs to go its in the wrong park anyways!
    Second i agree we need a new night parade or bring back mselp after it does a return to dl. I feel there needs to be something to then just sit and stare before the fireworks. My 2 cents.

  2. Film Fan

    I’m gonna be honest: it looks boring. I mean, maybe it will look better when I actually see it, but there is something cold and distant about it. I also feel like it discredits the people who put so much effort in their old sign. The other one had personality. This one has none of that. At least add a rocket or saucer flying over the text. Just something that doesn’t make it bland.

    1. Harley

      Then you obviously do not remember the orginal sign its modeled after it! Not saying i dont agree w you about its just ok! But i still like the vintage sense behind it! Better ?? Why does tl need a sign?? The other lands dont have grand signs just tl….

      1. Well, to be honest, I first went to Walt Disney World in 2000, so I didn’t grow up with the original sign. I’m sure it looked like this one, but I loved how creative the last one was.

  3. Harley

    Film fan i didnt mean anything by it!
    I miss what use to be new tomorrow i am the a huge fan of AEC! And hate wdw listened to 10 people that sad too scary! Its like have 1 room w lights on and the other w us that love it and know its not real and i know plenty of people including my kid (whose never see aec more than a video but will sleep w my alien and skippy) use to run dialogue for aec during stitch! I also miss timekeeper it was a really cool thing i know beyond most peoples heads but i am scifi to the end!

  4. Melanie Durham

    So I just surfed around to see if I could find some old pictures of the original Tomorrowland sign, because I have never seen that one either! When I go to WDW however, after seeing the castle, I’d love to turn to the right to see that spacey Tomorrowland sign! I knew my fun was about to begin! Anyhoo….looking deeper at the pictures of this new white sign, I love it! It’s going to fit well with Tron! These pictures don’t do it justice as with the castle, or with anything really! It so much different when you’re there!
    Just my opinion! ??

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