LATAM Airlines unveils Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge-inspired airliner

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Stormtrooper on plane

Credit: LATAM Airlines

If you happen to be aboard LATAM Airlines‘ new Boeing 777 inspired by Disney World’s newest expansion, your biggest decision might be whether to sit on the Light Side or the Dark Side.

That’s because the Santiago, Chile-based airline group has just unveiled one of its Boeing 777 aircraft with a livery inspired by Hollywood Studios’ new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The airliner is an 11 year-old Boeing 777-300ER. The livery is massive, as it covers the entire plane. The aircraft’s tail is fitted with a huge Stormtrooper.

Stormtrooper on plane
Credit: The Points Guy

The belly of the plane is white, and the upper part of the fuselage is black and features the logos of both Walt Disney World in Florida and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

LATAM’s Boeing 777 isn’t the first airliner to sport a Star Wars-themed livery. Back in April of this year, United Airlines unveiled its version of a Star Wars-inspired livery on one of its Boeing 737-900 aircraft. United tweeted its announcement and even held a contest in celebration of the new plane. To enter, participants simply had to retweet the announcement. The prize included two tickets to the premier of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”

united airlines star wars plane
Credit: Twitter: United Airlines

A closer look at the model of the left side of United’s new Star Wars-inspired Boeing reveals the black body of the plane, complete with a blue lightsaber on the tail.

united airlines star wars
Credit: United Airlines

The right side of the model shows a red lightsaber on the tail.

star wars plane
Credit: United Airlines

LATAM’s Stormtrooper plane will be operating long-haul flights from Sao Paulo-Guarulhos, the airline’s hub, to multiple destinations, including Orlando and Miami domestically and to galaxies far, far away like Madrid, Spain, Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France.

LATAM Brazil is anticipating the delivery of the newly-tricked out Galaxy’s Edge-inspired airliner to Sao Paulo next month, and flights are scheduled to begin soon after delivery.

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Source: The Points Guy

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