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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Darth Kessel

    Solo is actually a pretty good movie.

    Except for that Darth Maul scene!! That should have been Jabba or Boba Fett or basically ANY other character who wasn’t already dead! And yes, whatever, it was in the cartoon or the comic book.. it still didn’t make sense in THAT movie. What does Han Solo have to do with Darth Maul?!!

    Might as well have had Nick Fury show up and announce, “I’m setting up Easter Eggs for the next Star Wars movie! And in case this movie doesn’t go well at the box office, we’ll just have some sudden random plot line we’re NEVER following up.”

    Truly, should’ve just been a Porg.

    1. Jen

      I really liked Solo, except for 2 things: 1. Alden Ehrenreich sounds EXACTLY like Leo DiCaprio, and 2. They changed how Han and Chewie met.

    2. Endr

      I’m the comics I believe Darth maul isn’t dead. He was cut in half. They gave him robotic legs!

  2. Rich

    At the rate Disney is going it won’t be long before they’ll have to change the names of their parks to StarWarsWorld, StarWarsLand, etc..

    1. Grant

      I thought Solo was great (I just watched it again about a week ago, so it isn’t that I’ve forgotten about the overall strengths and weaknesses). I would be very excited if this rumor is true!

  3. Auby G Leggett

    I loved Solo, and the idea of something on the Disney+ streaming service to continue the story is awesome. If I heard right, Solo was possibly going to have a sequel if not be a trilogy. If Disney doesn’t want to do the movies to continue the story, then I think doing a series on Disney+ is the next best thing. It would be really neat to see Han and Chewie’s meeting with Jabba and what lead to Jabba placing the bounty on Hans head. Plus to see what happens with the Crimson Dawn Arc and Darth Maul.

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  4. Andrew

    Why do people keep calling this movie a flop? Did extremely well at the box office. It was one of the top grossing movies of the entire year both domesticly and worldwide. It may have performed below expectations for a Star wars movie, but it was a really good film and it made a lot of money.

  5. Mike F

    Cool, but I’m kind of bummed it’s not a movie. I’m really not happy with this having to sign up for yet another streaming service for every stupid network or studio. Give me a movie or put it on Netflix.

  6. Christine

    I love Solo.
    I say that to say that when I first heard about Solo and knew Harrison Ford was not going to be part of it I could not envision another actor playing the part. I also feel that way about another actor playing the role of Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford IS these characters.
    However because my expectations were low going in I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I truly enjoyed the movie I can actually say I have watched it many times on my tablet and never tire of it. Its a completely underrated movie. The actor that plays young Solo has his personality and swag down pat. I really enjoyed his Origins story. I would love for Lucas Films to explore more of Young Han Solo stories before teaming up with Luke and Lelia about 10 years later.

  7. Phillip

    Solo is one of my favorite Star Wars movies. I don’t understand why people keep saying that moviegoers hated it. It was such a fun movie to watch.

    I think part of the problem with it was that it was released too soon after The Last Jedi. I would love to see Disney+ adapt future Solo stories into a series.

    Personally I think it would work better to show off more of the exploits of Han and Chewie to make them hour-long episodes rather than a 2-hour feature.

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