Comments for “Save the PhotoPass Photographers” petition surfaces online

PhotoPass Photographer

Credit: Disney


  1. Jackie

    How about we do what we use to before photopass bc this is a new thing for the lazy generation and take pictures like the good ol days and enjoy our extra time we now get at the parks instead of wasting time waiting for someone to take our picture or now a box! I dont know about you but prior to the yrs of photopass i got awesome photos on my own still do! I know some love photopass but this isnt a reason to not enjoy your time at wdw or create a petition!
    Besides they arent firing all photopass people i know plenty also there was just a listing on wdw casting site for photographers! They are taking them away from areas that are closing or indoors bc they added new outdoor areas where they are needed!
    Though i finish where i started when did we become so lazy we cant take our own photos?

    1. Tori

      well that’s not judgemental at all! Just because you’re not interested getting a photopass picture doesn’t mean it’s laziness. Some of us single parents, who travel with our kids, kinda like being in the picture. And some of our favorite pictures where the ones with the added features. I don’t understand how it affects you if some people are willing to stand in line for the picture.

      1. Mark

        Sorry i agree w jackie i am a single parent and it takes time out of the day to play games w photo pass. Besides half the time the photos dont come out anyways they are just as bad as the box!
        It is lazy bc this photopass stuff is recent wdw we all use to take photos well before photopass got there. Its getting obnoxious too why does every ride need to have a photo even hm has it now! Really its called a selfie or asking a nice cm to take the picture what the heck did you all do before photopass??? And i agree w jackie they arent firing all photopass my friend is on of there managers and they just hired new people! And i nor jackie mean to insult she even said if you like photopass thats fine but i agree what happen to the good ol days on enjoying our vacations? Taking our own pictures.

    2. Daniel

      Lol “lazy generation”. Millennials and Gen – Zs know how to use their phones properly and can take quality photos. Most people that buy photos from Photopass are baby boomers and the like. Sure everyone can take their own photos, that’s fine, but not everyone can take “good” photos with the whole family in it. Yes, you can ask the attendant, but they are busy dealing with the line and translating for the characters. Also, Photopass is quite necessary for characters because there are always rowdy guests like childre that can hurt the performers when the character attendant is busy dealing with the line and moving bags out of the way. Photographers are an extra set of eyes that can prevent further neck and back pain for performers. And no they do not have fans in the costumes. They’re heavy af and can ruin your neck.

    3. Elaine

      Our family has been to Disney three times and used the service twice. We took MANY candid and posed shots ourselves so I hardly think the label “lazy” fits me, but we also got some amazing posed shots by the Disney photographers that I treasure. The whole family can be in the picture without bugging some random stranger to take it for us, they come up with some fun pose ideas and add some cute effects, and the quality is better than with my camera phone. Let people have their joy; it’s not hurting you.

      1. Jeff

        I would expect that it is an economic question. The question is whether those who want the photos are willing to foot the entire bill to support the myriad Photopass phographers that sit idle until somebody wants their services. Different people have their own idea of which scene is best so their are many photographers sitting idle. Disney is a business. While I have enjoyed Photopass photos over the years, more often I ask a park guest to shoot a pic, and I return the favor. I would prefer Disney to use resources for park upkeep and development— incredible amount of construction currently— than to subsidize a photographer for the guests who want it. When many do not. As any business, profitability for shareholders is important and corporate officers cannot ignore that to subsidize a service unless a majority of guests use the service— the true way to vote for a service to continue. Let’s be realistic and mature in priorities and comments.

        1. Laura

          oh they aren’t sitting idle. no way. we just got back, and it’s supposed to be “Slow” season and every single time we passed a photographer, we had to wait in line. which is why this move to cut photographers- and that’s what it is, don’t believe the people saying it’s not- makes no sense. what photographers will remain will have even longer lines. everyone stop buying memory maker, maybe we’ll hit disney where it hurts, in the bottom line!

    4. I guess you don’t like to have your entire family in one photo. Or maybe you like to inconvenience someone elses day by asking them to take your picture.

    5. Wayne

      How many pictures were you in when you were taking them with your family? I enjoy having my whole family in the photo and it’s not because I am lazy. It’s because I want to have the memories WITH everyone and not one person always out of the picture. If you hate your family that much and dont want to be in pictures with them that’s your choice. But I should still be able to have a PERSON take a picture and not a box.

      1. Harley

        But you didnt worry about that back then is the pt now its in front of your face!
        Do i care to be in photos sure love photopass but sometimes i am not willing to wait. As a professional photographer people in the photos screw up the artistic value of it! I didnt mean to say laziness as in rude i meant as how lazy are we we cant take it on our own too?! We did once! But thats my opinion okay just like it was jackies sheesh give me a break!

  2. Barbie Taylor

    Love the Photographers! They get some great shots and I love interacting with them!!! Automating the PhotoPass…not a good idea at all!!! Boo Disney!!!

    1. Jeffrey

      Automation keeps price more accessible to more guests. Let’s be inclusive!

      1. Laura

        LOL, you can’t actually believe that! prices for everything will continue to increase, and pretty soon memory maker won’t be included for passholders either. this thought is hilarious!

  3. Sue

    This is one of the absolutely best Disney experience you can get . We have so many fabulous family photos because of the PhotoPass Photographers !!! Please keep them .

  4. Stephanie

    This would be a disaster for families like mine that have a kiddo with special needs. It takes extra time to get my son to feel comfortable with some characters, and it takes even more time get him to turn around and look at the camera. Computers can not replace the kind people that get what makes the magic special.

  5. Toad

    Very foolish of Disney.

  6. Paula

    I totally agree a camera mounted will not take the place of a person capturing the joy of Disney! I’m still mad that they aren’t at the character meals anymore. This is a billion dollar company they can afford to pay people to do this work and not effect there stock prices.

  7. Harley

    Once again folks disney isnt firing photopass they just hired more actually they are using these boxes at m&g bc lets face it its a waste of time and money to have someone stand somewhere thats closing ala town hall or your launch bay do you really need someone there taking a picture w you and bb8 thats not real?!
    Vs other places like your elsa and anna where thats lost interaction etc. But still m&g they could be needed elsewhere!
    They arent getting rid of them granted the boxes stink but i been calling photo for months condtsntly finding missing photos the person being there doesnt guarentee a thing but a good picture. Which i agree w jackie above you could take yourself bc we all use to back in the day wouldnt call that lazy its just helpful to have photopass cameras arent attach 247 and we might be doing something else its convenience not laziness! But it could be the photopass cm themselves not enough to wrk certain spots or they rather wrk others! I am a pro photographer in my honest opinion i rather take a shot of your family you be proud of as apose to one everyone else has w a character!
    Though to each his own… btw bonus reminder the petition is for removing the boxes not wdw is removing photopass completely.

    1. Mark

      Exactly no one is reading fine print petition is to remove boxes not to help bc cms are getting fired! Just bc a cm isnt there doesnt mean they were fired!
      On a side not bc someone mentioned convenience and finance guess what you pricing memory maker $$$ price tag or a photo is now double what it was thats not the photopass person fault! Maybe spend the money and buy them better camera to support not fire them or replace em w boxes!
      Besides at least wdw photographers dont hassle you other places will bc they are based on commission they must take your picture. I had to fire someone as a manager bc they took that too far and forced the person to go buy it NOW! So it could be worse!

      1. L

        snort, it’s so obvious mark and harley are the same person. at least try using different stylization if you want to look like different people.

  8. Linda

    The photographer assures the family of some awesome pictures! Be family friendly! Keep the photo pass photography!

  9. Debbie

    Horrible decision by the Walt Disney Company. We experienced the photobox with our Cheebacca and Dsrth Vadar meet and greet. The pics were awful, shots of the family walking through, eyes closed shots and not cantered or framed correctly. Very disappointing.

  10. Louise

    These photographers are the best!. They are very friendly and take their time with you. Yes sometimes the lines can be long, but all worth it in the end. The shots they are capable of capturing are insane.

  11. This sounds like a ridiculous idea ! We are DVC members so we go to the parks often and some of the best pictures we have are from the Photopass photographers, they are concentrating on taking photos while we are concentrating on the children as they meet the characters. They have captured awesome smiles and moments that as parents and grandparents we never saw until we viewed our photos online. Shame on you Disney !!!

  12. peter Mitros

    Good ‘ol Mr Iger is screwing the workers yet AGAIN. This guy goes out of his way to take $$$ from Cast Members as well as the rest of us that visit, so that he can line his pockets even MORE. Walt HAS to be spinning in his grave!

  13. Gayle Pietz

    So disappointed in the new PhotoPass process. Automated photos can never take the place of a professional photographer. Disney has lost some of its magic by doing this. Perhaps as people stop paying the extra fee for this option, Disney will rethink this change.

  14. Jackie

    Are any of you listening they arent getting rid of photopass the petition is to stop the boxes! Not they are firing people! If anything i know someone whom was just hired to be photopass.
    The boxes are going to locations that are closing or being rehabbed and well managed by cms or so they think … they will never replace photopass if they are why hire more people w a hiring bonus????
    I am sorry for being rude above and calling people lazy! I just dont get as a guest the great joy of it! As harley said above for some people its better to take your own and some like it!
    I also prefer old photopass where the person was there and you could say yes you want it and pay for it or walk away! Now you wait for downloads to show and they dont like harley said i to have called photopass to complain your lucky if they find your photos! I think the convenience is of technology got to everyone including disneys head. But thats my opinion.

  15. Connie

    Keep the photopass photographers…stop being cheap and greedy


    Please do not take out photo pass, they are amazing!!!. Auto-photos make no emotional connection with the guest. What are you thinking??? I think you all, I guess the Board of Directors need serious time away to think about your Guest Relations Vision.

  17. Jean

    Love the photographer experience! They get shots that the automated box would never get. This past Tuesday had the experience of the Mickey and Minnie automatic box. Hated it wasn’t informed on how it worked. Most of the pictures either had our backs to box or sides. We did get one picture where we were all looking at box but expressions on our faces wasn’t the best. Very disappointed in this experience. The rest of our photos during the day with a photographer we’re great.

  18. Jean

    Love the photographer experience! They get shots that the automated box would never get. This past Tuesday had the experience of the Mickey and Minnie automatic box. Hated it wasn’t informed on how it worked. Most of the pictures either had our backs to box or sides. We did get one picture where we were all looking at box but expressions on our faces wasn’t the best. Very disappointed in this experience.

  19. Victoria

    No, they are not getting rid of photopass workers but the major complaint most of us have is that the pictures the photoboxes take are awful, nowhere near the quality the photopass CM’s take. I love the photopass pictures as they usually turn out really great. We usually have them also take one or two with our phone cameras in the hopes that if one doesn’t come out, the others will. The photoboxes are panned out from afar, no close ups, no waiting until you are ready, it just takes pictures over and over whether you are ready or not or even in the picture so most are pretty horrible. But Disney will realize this when people stop paying for the Memorymaker because it’s really not worth it for awful pictures they get now. That will save me money on not having to buy it anymore.

  20. Rebel porg

    Ya know some of you arent seeing the big picture most photopass locations are still available many are being added the locations your mentioning
    Town hall mk is closing
    Anna and elsa rehab probably switching around for frozen 2
    Launch bay is on hold bc of swge but probably closing soon
    Why would disney keep photopass cms at locals that arent going to be around much longer???
    Waste of money and cm time those cms could go take pictures at a different locale that will be better worth their time N pay!
    I love photopass too but just think about it for a second!

  21. Adam

    We love PhotoPass. I signed the petition and emailed all of the addresses they suggested. I received a very well written answer that was personalised to the message I sent. The new photos are a test, and they are taking the feedback on board, which is great.

  22. Debby

    I hope they realize that this is a huge mistake. Whenever we go on a Disney Vacation it is a must! The connection is incredible. Please keep them!


    I don’t like the idea about the photographers fading from the parks

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