Comments for Ronda Rousey currently being eyed for Marvel’s “She-Hulk” on Disney+

Ronda Rousey She-Hulk

Credit: Marvel/WWE


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    I think she’s a perfect selection. Just hearing the the name Ronda Rousey make you think of a she-hulk. She elegant and sexy but put that kind of fear in you, not to be messed with.

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      Ronda Rousey is definitely wrong for the part. She Hulk is way more complexed character than her cousin, the Hulk. The actress who portrays her has to have some serious acting ability.

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    Chad Vanover

    Please not Ronda! If they want a woman with a body style already representing She-Hulk caliber especially with the hair and they want to use an ex MMA star….then go with Meisha Tate. Let’s not forget She-Hulk has sex appeal as well. She was able to hook up with Thor! Pretty sure Meisha can out act Ronda and she was in a movie. Ronda just is more popular because of being champion in UFC.

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    Please no. She is a bad actor and also not a friend to the LGBT community

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    Please no! She is a bad actor and no friend to the LGBT.

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    She’d make a way better villain than a superhero i have respect for. I mean transphobic nut job…. def a villain

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    She is a horrific choice!!!! Her attitude both winning and losing isn’t anything I want to watch in a movie I would like love!! Plus she is a horrible actress!! Too bad Angelina Jolie is so skinny because her attitude and acting skills in action films are amazing. And she’s someone I wouldn’t mind my kids watching!

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    If they cast her, I won’t be watching it. She’s a hateful transphobe, a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist, and honestly a terrible actress. Go check out some of her line delivery in Mortal Kombat 11, it makes The Room look like an acting masterclass.

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    Larisha Jordan

    Ronda has always been my first choice as She-Hulk since I saw her in furious seven. I said it on eons ago. So yes, she continues to stay my first choice.

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