Comments for Disney world guests rescued from broken-down monorail

Credit: Disney/Loren McCarthy


  1. Mark

    I am glad disney and the fire dept got everyone to saftey but come on wdw saftey d begins w me is a cm motto but apparelty not company wide??? Why arent we fixing these things yet???
    You got bus service and boat you could take monorails off for while to fix things! Isnt it worth it i dont know about anyone else but i prefer to be safe then taking some more time getting to mk from ttc!

    1. Yeah. I think I’ll just take the bus. I’ve been on a monorail when it broke, and we were above the forest and the road. That’s frightening. I always worry about those train cars tipping sideways.

  2. Micki

    Everything at wdw is broken! I was there this past summer and at least every third ride my husband and I went on broke down. The whole place looks run down and dirty. It is no longer the Disney that I remember as a child.
    I’m glad that the monorail only broke down and no one was hurt. It could have been much worse, they had a door fall off of monorail inside the contemporary couple of months ago.
    I don’t plan on returning.
    They are trying to do too much at one time. On top of that they’re hiring idiots to do the repairs. Hey Disney! Duct tape does not fix everything!

    1. Harley

      I am sorry you think wdw has all the time in the world to fix stuff bc you can to visit. Rides go down and then come up if not its immediately rehabbed. Its been a while since monorails got some love but if wdw is not at your beacon call to rehab besides they cant rehab in the summer they have to in off season less guests = its safer and less complaints like yours!

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