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Harry Potter original cast

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  1. Mark

    I was going to say the orginal cast wants to separate themselves from all this and i want to know how much they got paid…. Until i saw that its for the play to movie which is the only thing i can see them returning for to a pt but i kinda like the broadway cast they do an amazing job w the characters to me the torch has been past! I just dont know! Kinda over potter in a way i mean it was exciting at the beginning and yet now its like theres been a break time actually i prefer fantastic beasts…. i just think its a 50/50 thing and always has been its like frozen w disney.

  2. Susan

    I don’t put much faith in this ever happening. Certain folks insisted they would never return to their roles, and the play has sort of distanced itself from the original (remember the uproar when the original Hermione was cast?). Re-branding with the Warner Brothers font may make sense to some, but I still wont hold my breath for the originals to return to the screen. Perhaps the original West End and Broadway stars maybe?

  3. Jennifer

    I’m not really that excited about the whole ‘Cursed Child’ film prospect at all. I read a bit of the script after borrowing it from the library. The characters read as out of character from the previous stories and given their histories. So much of it felt off and so out of step that I never even finished it.
    From what I’ve read that’s probably a good thing. I had already knew that I had read better Fanfics than the mess of the ‘Cursed Child.’
    So though I would love to see the original Harry Potter cast get back together some day I can only hope ‘Cursed Child ‘ remains in a dusty shelf.

  4. J

    They are correct in saying “There’s not a single Harry Potter fan out there that doesn’t want a film adaptation of the Cursed Child.” There is not a “single” fan, there is, in fact, a VAST MULTITUDE of us.

    1. Abigail Irwin

      J, I totally agree.

  5. Abigail Irwin

    “There’s not a single Harry Potter fan out there that doesn’t want a film adaptation of the Cursed Child.” Wanna bet?
    The book was “meh” at best. The characters were way out of whack with the original books, the plot was — wait, WAS there a plot? — and it was totally lacking in Rowling’s magic. Why she approved the book is a mystery. I seriously hope that the original trio have more sense than to return to the big screen in an adaptation of this.

    1. Jackie

      Sadly Rowling later said she helped write parts of it and screw up the story doesnt the end of Fantasic Beasts 2 do that too!? Shes def proving she doesnt care shes got money now why would she… oh wait read hp as an adult or watch those movies wo lunas glasses guess what they are all bad! I wonder why i even cared in the first place!?
      Its like a fade and no one at hp at the parks proved it someone once said i read that wdw dodge a bullet omg its so true besides royalties but this was a fade that now our eyes are open and its like huh what was i reading this play proved it and at least opened my eyes!

  6. Matt

    Not a single fan that doesn’t want this movie? Pretty sure the exact opposite is true for “real” fans of the books. Cursed Child is absolutely horrible. I’d rather Rowling come out and say it’s no longer considered canon – I already don’t consider it to be. Would love a true sequel, but this should never move forward.

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