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  1. Harley

    “I think the Democratic Party would brand me as just another rich guy who’s out of touch with America,” Iger
    You think!?
    Well maybe not America but def every true disney fan thats still keeping your business alive and not just have it run on tourists!
    And the irony i wanted Oprah to run but sadly i didnt want to have her good name ruined then she said this! Though bright side if he did someone better could have ran disney.

    1. Allison

      Yup. Nailed it. Couldn’t possibly agree more. What was Oprah thinking?

  2. cornjob

    did i miss something, that oprah decides who runs for president? i think it should be pauly shore, but you don’t hear me spouting off about it.

  3. RRoe

    Iger is having problems managing Disney with the big changes in Management, plummeting attendance, and Disney’s soaring prices that keep crowds away. Don’t think this would be a good choice for somebody to run the entire country.

  4. Allison

    Ew. No. He may know the right things to *say* but he sure isn’t executing on them very well. He monetizes EVERYTHING without a care for the consequences to cast members or customers. That $65MM bonus he accepted while fighting against a $15 min wage for Cast at Disneyland…? WTFrick?! Very un-Disneylike behavior. If Oprah wants to go big, find the next Mr. Rogers (Either the neighborly, Fred, or the Captain America version). Stump for that guy. Or, find someone who represents the other half of the population – she’s out there. Find someone spending their days making the world BETTER, not making it profitable. #Legacy

  5. Katherine Berg

    I think he’d be a great candidate. Look at all the good he’s done for Disney. I ,for one, would definitely vote for him.

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