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  1. Ken Hutchinson

    Once again Disney Management finds a way to save a few pennies. I honestly believe people have finally hit the tipping point on whether to AP or not and even to stay there. Keep it up Universal is looking better and better.

    1. Isabel Hernandez

      I’m seriously very mad, the reason I buy the photopass is so the photographers can take all my family pictures. I guess I don’t need to buy it for my up coming trip since its automated and from the pictures i have seen its not worth it , so I will take my camera and take my own pictures, Disney whats happening why are losing your touch?


        This is upsetting on many fronts. First of all I’ve already encountered the auto camera at the Tinker Bell meet and greet a month or so ago. The comparison of photos taken during that visit compared with photos taken only a free weeks prior to that are astounding at how impersonal an awful they are. A photigrapher can zoom in and get better angles on shots. This static camera only takes photos from so far zoomed out you don’t really get a great idea of the focus. It’s just a very genaric photo of people meeting a character. And since my little one is 3 I’ve noticed this really makes photos with small children look super awful. It can’t zoom in to capture the child’s emotions.

        Furthermore I used to work at Disney World and still have good friends who work in photopass. To know they’re trying to remove that role with a static computerized camera is absolutely infuriating. Just to save some money which they clearly don’t need, and take it from the average people who work there to try to make a living. Ugh! I see red just thinking about it. If my daughter didn’t adore trips to Disney so much I might actually consider dropping my passes next year. I still might drop our pass level at the very least. No sense paying the extra for the pass that includes free digital photos if they’re all going to be automated and look like crap.

  2. Harley

    This is just really sad honestly i love the photopass people you can tell disney hires have knowledge and how to take photos correctly! Automated photos anyone could take better! Why have cameras just let people take their own photos then… nooo bc wdw needs to make money but not here you lost the sense of originality w automation. Whats next in park in front of castle???
    I am sorry i am a photographer its a lost art i get it but i sometimes am the one taking pictures and photopass is the only way i get in the photo as well!

  3. Catherine

    YIKES. All but that last posed photo are terrible. Like who would ever buy a photo of them putting their bags down before they meet a character? This won’t last if disney is actually concerned about the bottom line.

    1. Carrie

      We experienced the photo boxes this year….what a disappointment!!!! Pictures with Kylo last year were amazing. This year with the box they were terrible. My kids were disappointed, so was I. Worse yet, you don’t even know how bad your photos are until they post to your account. By then it is too late to try and do anything. Good luck to anyone spending only one day in a park with a photo box taking pictures of a character you love.

      Absolutely terrible idea Disney!!!

      I agree….one more reason to check out Universal. Why are we paying a premium for a poor experience.

      At the end of the trip photos are the only way to relive precious memories. Photo boxes leave you with poor images and lots of frustration.

    2. Don

      Absolutely a bad idea, if automation is necessary to squeeze out a few more cents of profit find applications behind the scenes, not with people that interface with people

  4. Rob

    The union got the wage hike they wanted. You will see more and more automation throughout the resort.

    1. Claude

      Except that Photopass photographers aren’t union.

  5. john hubbard

    Autophoto, makes my renewal decision a lot easier. Back to silver for me (if I even renew at all). I’m considering cutting my visits down to one three day stay off property, if I do it means I will not renew. Photopass is one of my favorite features at WDW.

    1. DJ

      No one wants prices to go up, the employees demand higher wages, suppliers charge more for goods…what are they supposed to do?

      1. Mark

        While i agree w you about supply and demand these cms were already being paid higher so there shouldnt be a change for that second what supply those are the same DSLRs from yr of flood! If anything disney didnt want to buy new cameras not a reason to fire photopass people its not like your harley whom i am sure will agree w my is still using film as a professional photographer sometimes… they arent its all computers! Photopass always sucked doesnt never linked a dame photo for me i prefer my own its not a reason to leave wdw! Its a photo for crying out loud! Its not like they are closing your favorite ride bc they fired the cms! Grow up folks…
        Btw ken you love universal so much marry it bc theres a whole dozen sites full of uni complaints and they way out # wdw!

      2. Kimberlea

        DJ, as I state below, families pay thousands of dollars for the ultimate vacation at Disney World. I believe Disney World is a stable financial institution that can pay people to take pictures. This is the quality that we have come to expect from Disney World. If Disney World does not want to provide for the magical experience, families will go elsewhere.

      3. Jeff

        Iger could just get a little less of a bonus going forward.

      4. Greg

        For the 2018 fiscal year, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts had an operating profit of $4.5 billion, an increase of more than 100 percent from five years earlier. With this, they aren’t hurt by having to pay the CM’s more. What did they pay them 5 years go vs now, I know it wasn’t close to the clip they are pulling Money from their customers.

  6. Dapper Dan

    What if you don’t want your picture taken for photopass? Like a person, I can just ask not to and they politely stand aside. Does the robot have an off button?

  7. Anna Goff

    This is a very disappointing change without considering the long range impact. Disney is special because of the attention to details and customer service, of which this is 100% completely lacking!!! Quality of photos after waiting in line, for some it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, completely ruined by a timer taking photos instead of a human. Only photopass photos can have the special borders added, not those on your phone/camera. Photos are a significant aspect of my vacation and these resulted in complete disappointment!!!

  8. Cj

    Once again, this is Cheap Chapek at his finest! ?
    What’s next? A machine to scan your ticket thru the Main Gate? A machine to greet you at the Exit? Machines at the front of the Ride / Attraction?

    This is like having to ring up and bag your own groceries! Cut back on Staff so you can maintain a profit margin! One less Human you need to pay a wage, provide medical benefits for, give a paid sick leave / vacation leave! ?

  9. Steve F.

    Yeah, this is pretty gross. I agree with just about all that’s been said. I’ll add that this is just what they do. Come up with something great and then cut it until it’s the minimum that people will except. The Photopass has been that for years. The Dining Plan was amazing when it started. Even DVC! Add value and the people will come back.

  10. Christine Crose

    I have never used the Memory Maker before but was going to get it this trip. My daughter was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer in February and our whole family is coming to WDW in November.
    I wanted special picture for this trip as we don’t know how many more we can make.
    I don’t want some stupid automated picture. I want my family pictures of them laughing and goofing around. There is nothing more special than the human factor. Stop cutting jobs & corners to please the shareholders. I am a shareholder and I want the magic and not some unsympathetic machine.

  11. Kimberlea

    This is terrible! Families save and spend thousands of dollars for their ultimate vacation at Disney World. When all is said and done, all you have are the quality pictures. These pictures should be quality pieces taken by a Disney World photographer, who can give the personal attention needed to get a quality shot. Disney World is known for the quality service that its staff provides. Including the automated photo pass is simply taking away the magic and quality experience that we have come to expect from Disney. I was planning on a vacation to Disney World for next year. Maybe I should look at planning a trip for somewhere else.

  12. Jackie

    You know how i get really awesome pictures I TAKE THEM MYSELF!!! Photopass stinks i agree w mark this is dissapointing about the machines but its not like the people were any better…. i am constantly calling photopass for missing photos i just give up and take my own pictures! Its not a reason to leave wdw or complain its just photopass and only in 2 places via article right now enough w the negative you dont like wdw just DO NOT GO!!! If this is going to stop you from being a fan then you werent on to begin w!
    Theres a difference between commenting and always ranting and complaining! Sheesh!

  13. Edward McGowan

    For $169 or $199 it should be a more personalized experience with a CM Photographer and not a BOX taking the pictures. Sad to hear that people are losing their jobs with the latest cost cutting measures.

  14. Louis C

    What does Disney care? They’ve got their precious Star Wars Land now. (Yeah, but they couldn’t make the giant outdoor Millenium Falcon look right!)

  15. McBain

    There’s an automated camera at the Darth Vader character spot at Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios. We were there a few weeks ago and did not realize it at first and the cast member did not inform us of this. It wasn’t until after we left the area that we realized we never got our band scanned by a photog or cast member, then found out from other people about the kiosk outside the exit (and the screen on the kiosk was black/blank, no video or picture preview on it, so we walked right past it without realizing it was there). Tried going back to scan our bands but it was too late. Had to go back in line and do it again. Had a different cast member the second time who told us to scan our bands at the kiosk, so be aware.

    1. Rebel porg

      I noticed the only places this is affecting are the photo experiences on the way out!
      Launch bay is closing soon and this is the mk character spot thats known to be closing!
      I have friends whom are photopass they arent being fired they are moving to places they need them! Mark is right they are already being paid better then other cms i guess it keeps them from complaining about working in the elements!
      I agree w others whom said if you are saying your leaving wdw over photopass have fun you weren’t a true fan if your going to leave so leave! And i agree w jackie you could take better photos w your own cameras! The whole memory maker download thing is what truly erks me i prefer checking my photos and if i like em i pay for it if i dont then theres no worry or concern or reason to complain! The ones whom complain are at other parks like your uni bgt bc they get paid on service and commission not by the company.

  16. Greg G

    For the 2018 fiscal year, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts had an operating profit of $4.5 billion, an increase of more than 100 percent from five years earlier. Seemed to be working without the cuts. New leadership doesn’t even relate to Walt or the old-time Imagineers where customer experience was as valuable as the money they made. Now it’s just about the $$$$$.

  17. Katie

    Took 2 days before our awful Tinkerbell photos showed up… we weren’t given any direction on where or when to look at the “camera”

    1. Jackie

      Dont feel bad katie my photos were lost recently for w months they were just as aweful take by a photopass person! Thats the breaks of memory maker!

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