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michael eisner disneyland paris

Credit: Michael Eisner / Disney


  1. Marc

    Paris wasnt Disney’s first international park. It was Tokyo Disneyland on the 15th of april 1983. Disneyland Paris was openend on 12th of april 1992.

    1. Bailee Abell

      We’ve made the correction, Marc. Thanks!

  2. Eric Polk

    In his rush to take credit for the Paris location (e.g. his New York mentality never wavered vs the California mentality of other management), Eisner neglected to mention that the Spain sites were rejected due to environmental objections at one site, geological at another (problems with the bedrock), and that meteorological conditions (mistral winds) were also a deciding factor. It wasn’t his New York chutzpah that led to the decision, but rather that the other sites were just not suitable for the park.

  3. I agree – I too live within a 2hr radius – I live 15 minutes from Liverpool John Lennon Airport in the North West of England which is then only a 56minute minute flight to Paris and then a 7 minute train ride on the TGV to the station at Disneyland Paris – it’s very convenient and with all that in mind I can be there in almost half the time it takes me to get a train to London. DLP is a great place to get your pixie dust fix a few times a year when a 9.5 hr flight to Florida and WDW isn’t possible ??

  4. Don

    Disneyland Paris is a great location and I agree with Eisner’s thinking. They found open space which is key to long-term development. Great idea to give Europe and place to visit. I enjoyed visiting that park and hope to visit again someday!

    1. Ryan

      While I’d never go there again due to having had terrible service and personal safety experiences with my family there, I’m so pleased that it’s Europe’s most visited attraction!

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