Comments for Marvel Studios and DC are now fighting over Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

Credit: CheatSheet/Marvel/DC


  1. Ikapono Guzman

    It’s an inspired idea and i can’t wait to see where his superhero film destiny takes him

  2. Brad Torville

    Given DC’s track record versus Marvel’s and the reception Constantine got the first time, I’d much rather see Reeves align himself with Marvel. I fear The Matrix 4 will be a huge mistake for him in the long run but I get that he feels obligated to the Wachowskis and, more or less, HAS to do the film but I dread DC trapping him with them. I hope he passes on Constantine despite really wanting to play the character again.

  3. Kim

    Why can’t he do both? I LOVED him as Constantine, but honestly, DC movies as not as good as the Marvel movies – but DC TV shows ROCK!

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