Comments for Mark Hamill shuts down Ivanka Trump on Twitter for Star Wars reference

Mark Hamill and Ivanka Trump

Credit: Evan Agostini/Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Fox News


  1. Dan Foss

    Why do you have to get political? Why can’t you people leave the kids alone?

  2. Matt

    I seriously doubt the kid is checking Twitter at that age… so I don’t think Mark was directing it to him. Pretty sure it was directed to his villainous parents.

    1. Justin

      Again, as Dan said…get over the political crap. Mark Hamill is a joke. He has done nothing except Star Wars (which is epic) but nobody cares about his politics. He is just a Jerk!

      1. John

        Except he has a very prominent voice acting career? So much for “nothing”

    2. Jan Anderegg

      I agree completely.

  3. Edward McGowan

    It was uncalled for.

  4. I hate when he brings up politics, too. But this guy isn’t a joke. He has, however, been the voice of the Joker since Batman: The Animated Series post-OT Star Wars. I love his work, and I like who he is as a person…except when it comes to politics. He is still a cool guy if you ignore his misguided opinions.

  5. Actually, what he said crossed the line. I don’t care if it was a Trump. It was just a family posting their love for Star Wars, and he had to ruin it for them. He needs to apologize ASAP.

    1. I totally agree!!

  6. Suzy Ince

    Why do celebrities think their opinion is more important than the regular people. I think it was uncalled for. Someone was posting something about their family and he slammed them for it. Not cool.

  7. Jan Anderegg

    He wasn’t talking about the child. Did you see the follow up post on Twitter? There was a cropped photo of the child in the costume and these comments”:

    Mark Hamill
    Sep 30
    Quote Tweet

    Kris Lake
    · Sep 29
    Replying to @HamillHimself
    Forget the parents… this kid rocks.

  8. Melanie Durham

    ?? people are way too sensitive!

  9. David Bird

    I think Mark really crossed the line. Totally classless and went to the Creepy Dark Side. I hope he apologizes. I lost a lot of respect for him with that one.

    1. D welcb

      Yep, this.

  10. Mark

    Its like i always like to quote linus from peanuts “there are 3 things i learned never to discuss
    Politics religion and the great pumpkin”! (I usually add discussing wdw or hershey w outsiders for they dont care)
    Yet someone created social media jic the world wasnt hell in handbasket enough!
    Some people need to learn personal opinion might be better left unsaid!

    1. Harley

      Exactly well said mark!

  11. donnathedoc

    Mark….way to show what a putz and a HAS BEEN you truly are…How dare you bully a child, wow!

  12. Jason

    Agree let’s keep politics off this site if you want almost 1/2 of America to visit

  13. Tony

    I don’t know who I’m more sick of Trump or the people that hate Trump They ruin everything

  14. Jomomma

    Who gives a crap what this “Nerf Herder” thinks…

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