Comments for Two chances left to see Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade before it leaves

Main Street Electrical Parade

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    I wish this or spectro could return to mk or a new parade mk is so missing something before the fireworks… it was like tradition to watch the parade and then fireworks would start. It seems empty wo it is all i am saying dl got lucky it return i hope wdw could too!

    1. Mark

      This is so true spectro was even more beautiful while mselp is a classic! I love the short lived light magic as well which was dl try w spectro odd choices but awesome theme like always by the brilliant team disney music.

  2. Monica

    Another dumb mistake
    Just like star wars

    1. Mark

      Different sides of the parks i am afraid! This is ent doing.

  3. Tyler

    I just want to cry and sobbing cause love the parade but life is life there’s nothing you can do but I wish I would be able to show my kids but. It’s just very very very sad one day I wish I would come back. Because I am a Disney frike and a very very big disney fan

  4. Jerry Ratcliff

    I just want to cry and sobbing cause I am a big disney fan and I wish I could show my kids

  5. Heather

    I took this parade for granted the many visits we saw it at WDW. The last 3 times I finally got it! It was sooooooooooooooooo awesome. Then it was gone 🙁 At least my kid enjoyed it just as much with me those last views. It became one of our all time favorites.

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