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Jon Favreau and Chewbacca

Credit: Shutterstock/Lucasfilm


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    No please dont it gives us true fans something to pt those “other” fans whom complain about 7-9 etc and go have you see the prequels that didnt belong or the holiday sp nothing is as bad as that and they agree… if he fixes it it wont be so bad its bad!

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    Paul Alter

    Well, Favreau certainly couldn’t make it any worse. 🙂 But maybe it’s best if this particular chapter of the Star Wars story was just allowed to fade away…

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    Carmine Crincoli

    I’d like to see a new version of the STAR WARS Holiday Special on Disney+ that’ll be non-canonical from the main STAR WARS canon! Maybe another STAR WARS holiday special would be good and interesting!

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    Melanie Durham

    I never saw it! Lol

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